Extra Kinky Listing 

*A priceless gem. The most creative role-play. Unequaled. Simply AWESOME. Thank you for another memorable session. Kevin

*HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! extreme taboo for real… wow!!!!!

*Anabelle is one of the best phone fucks you will ever speak to. Intelligent, friendly and very fucking nasty. She listens, creates amazing fantasies and goes exactly where you want. 10/10 *amazing*

*Great call. Anabelle really went all out to get the convo going. I can’t wait to call again

*holy crap.. she really gets into it. Genuine and made my balls drain in a way I’ll never forget. Definetly recommend this taboo role player!!

Feminization Listing 

*Princess Anabelle was amazing. She guided me through the process of know that I needed to go to a glory hole and have all I can while I am there.

*Very high level of skill in roleplaying and storytelling. I have found a new regular!

*Incredible call, she is a pro, hot and dominant voice. Highly recommend!

*Anabelle is so fucking hot! I love being her sissy slut, taking cock and slurping up her cum when she squirts, a mixtureofherjuices and her boyfriends jizz.


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