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Panty Bois and Sissy Cocksucker

Published July 14, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

There are nights when all I want to do is tease and play with a sweet sissy until she’s crying and begging for just for just a bit more. Some nights, the urge to break a panty wearing sissy into teeny tiny bits just because I can is nearly overwhelming.

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I try, really I do. I try to remember that they are real people, too. That they have issues and needs, and that as a well adjusted member of society it just simply won’t ~do~ to act on my darker urges. As most of the submissive sissys that call me are dominate men in the work world. I try and I try to remind myself that pushing sweet sissies past their limits and boundaries isn’t socially acceptable… But times have now changed, we now live in a different world were so many things are now acceptable, including being a sissy, cocksucker.

No matter how much fun it may be, most of you dont dare go out in public. Well guess what girls (haha) this is where i come in. Its time to make some changes. I mean real changes in your life.

…it is fun, tho. Lots of fun.

Dressing my sweet little sissy in the prettiest dresses, nylons and heels; makeup and hair done, eyelashes out to there, soft perfume, nailpolish and lipgloss…

And then taking my perfect little sissy, and turning her into the biggest slut whore on the planet. Ruining that makeup, that pretty face. Mascara running down her cheeks, cum dripping off her chin, dress in shreds… Runs in her hose from kneeling on concrete sucking off hundreds of horny men…

I want to control her descent into the deepest darkest hells of slut-dom. I want to watch as she accepts her place (kneeling in front of endless cocks), as she accepts her role (cocksucking whore), as she becomes my total slave. I want to see her eyes change as she transforms from a fine upstanding member of society to a cum-guzzling whore who can’t get enough cock.

My sweet sissy now is the time where you take all of my sissy assignments without even blinking an eye. She’ll do what I command, sinking easily to her knees, accepting her place as my sissy cock sucking whore. And on that day, I’ll just have to replace her with a new sissy.  Once this Princess gets a hold of you. You will no longer be the same.

Of course now this is the place where you can confess all to me. Dont be shy make sure you give your priness a call. Especially this weekend. Its after all today is Fetish Friday.

Remember those that are wishing to talk to me, You can always find me taking calls late nights.


Princess Anabelle


Girlie Phone Sex

Published November 9, 2016 by Princess Anabelle
Princess Anabelle

Princess Anabelle

Hey there Sissy boy, I see you walking down the street with your hands on your hips, walking like a girl. Also see those pink panties, your trying to hind under your jeans. Your trying to look sideways and sneak a peek at all those hot manly men. You know that you are not a real man. You realized that a long time ago.  Yeah I already know what a man like you want from a girl like me, because your eyes your eyes light up when you see a Princess like me. You see that I can get all the hot men. You want to be just like a me. A hot Princess. You want to dress like I do, be like me, and get all the manly cock. But you don’t really know what your doing do you? You don’t know how to be girly like you should, or get that man. You should prob call me and get some  Phone Sex training

Call your feminization princess now cause im waiting. Im here in the early or late mornings til about late nights. Dont wait a moment longer. I can teach you everything you need to know. 

Love Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763
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