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How far My Sissy will go!

Published June 6, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

I recently checked in with a long time client/caller of mine on Niteflirt. He has been a regular for a long time. Of course Now I had not heard from him in a while.  I had to see how he was doing well in my opinion she haha.

Well of course per a mass email that I had sent clients to check out my new updated blog on exposure and such he like many others had come here to check it out. He was amazed by what he/she had read and loved every last post.

Now on to her haha.  As she called me tonight on Niteflirt. Tried to tell me that she has stayed away Niteflirt for a while because shes not a she, shes a man. A straight man at that. Omg I laughed so hard. As if that was true. Lets just say for starters that is never the case, because I always bring out the truth. No matter how much a Sissy, Gay Guy or Fag is in denial. I made him put on a pair of white satin panties with pink (girlie hearts) of course I would have it no other way. Satin you know is a girls best friend. And there she went confessing everything to me about taking beautiful ts girls cocks. All these encounters she has been having while she has been away have not been with a real woman. They are all ts cock , which she loves. In no time he was admitting to me that she was gay, and lives for her satin panties and fucking a boy pussy. Not to mention her on her knees sucking off a ts cock.  She actually bought my new Are you Gay mp3.

She knows shes gay, fessed up many times during this call. By the end of the call she said over and over again that she was gay. Im sure you – and you know who you are. That are you gay, and that is the only way you will ever be. Here are some pics so show you all.

Remember all you Sluts and Gays out there, if you want exposed on my blog like this the fee is $50.00. Its called Pay to show everyone. Haha!

Princess Anabelle


Forced Panty Boy Sissy

Published November 7, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


I should have known you were a panty boy from the moment that I met you. I can’t even count the times I caught you looking at my lacey panties as I put them away from the laundry I was doing. When you asked me to be your roommate, I thought you were the sweetest boy ever. Hell you even gave me the master bedroom and the furniture that was in the room. I should have known there was something up with that situation. I know boys like you, and you always have hidden motives behind all the sweetness. Now I know what yours were. Such a naughty boy, and you know exactly who you are hmmm. You have been sneaking into my room, stealing my panties. Not only have you been taking the sweet, clean panties, but OMG you have been also taking the dirty ones as well.
Since I caught you in my bedroom, sniffing my dirty panties, and rubbing your (little cock, yikes I mean clit) though your pants, you have to pay!! Take it all off right now, and I mean everything!! That’s right you naughty boy, everything. It’s so exciting for me to see you standing there in front of me completely naked, humiliated. Now put on those pink panties you were sniffing. Also along with that put on these pink, Lacey thigh high stockings, with the matching garters. Now you and I are going to have all kinds of exciting fun that you are going to enjoy so very much. Especially now that I know what a dirty little panty boy pervert you are. I now completely own you! Do you understand? I am now going to turn on the video camera on my cell phone, so I can show this to all my girlfriends. I am going to expose you for the dirty sissy bitch that you are. Now reach under the couch and get my strap on, because I’m going to use it on you. Oh come on, don’t look so shocked. Yes guess you did not look under there did you? We are now going to have some strap on fun. I’m so excited, because I know this is what a whore like you needs.
Look right up into my eyes as you such this cock, yes I know you are a cocksucker. You have been waiting for me to do this to you for such a long time, Right? Yes I don’t need you to speak and give me an answer because I know what the truth is. That’s right wrap the pink, cocksucking lips right around this strap on cock. You are such a good cocksucker. I just knew you would be. Now get on your hands and knees and get that ass high in the air. I’m going to grab the back of your panties, and pull them to the side and shove this cock right into your ass. Yes this is where this cock belongs bitch! Come on and beg me to fuck you like the little bitch that you are! Now whore, smile for the camera as I continue to ram the faggot ass of yours. So now that I have taken you this far and your true nature has come out. I am going to use for whatever I want from now on. If I demand shopping, dress up, fucking your bitch ass, or you sucking cock, that Is what will happen to you everyday.
I hope you all enjoy this story.
Princess Anabelle

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