How far My Sissy will go!

Published June 6, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

I recently checked in with a long time client/caller of mine on Niteflirt. He has been a regular for a long time. Of course Now I had not heard from him in a while.  I had to see how he was doing well in my opinion she haha.

Well of course per a mass email that I had sent clients to check out my new updated blog on exposure and such he like many others had come here to check it out. He was amazed by what he/she had read and loved every last post.

Now on to her haha.  As she called me tonight on Niteflirt. Tried to tell me that she has stayed away Niteflirt for a while because shes not a she, shes a man. A straight man at that. Omg I laughed so hard. As if that was true. Lets just say for starters that is never the case, because I always bring out the truth. No matter how much a Sissy, Gay Guy or Fag is in denial. I made him put on a pair of white satin panties with pink (girlie hearts) of course I would have it no other way. Satin you know is a girls best friend. And there she went confessing everything to me about taking beautiful ts girls cocks. All these encounters she has been having while she has been away have not been with a real woman. They are all ts cock , which she loves. In no time he was admitting to me that she was gay, and lives for her satin panties and fucking a boy pussy. Not to mention her on her knees sucking off a ts cock.  She actually bought my new Are you Gay mp3.

She knows shes gay, fessed up many times during this call. By the end of the call she said over and over again that she was gay. Im sure you – and you know who you are. That are you gay, and that is the only way you will ever be. Here are some pics so show you all.

Remember all you Sluts and Gays out there, if you want exposed on my blog like this the fee is $50.00. Its called Pay to show everyone. Haha!

Princess Anabelle


May’s Sissy Hall of Shame

Published May 31, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

5-31 sissy hall of shame pic

Meet this months winner – Sissy Carmen.

Out of all the pics I have recieved this month for sissy of the month. This one was chosen due to it being the hottest. Also $$ was included. Since she paid the most money to be on here lol.

Hope you enjoy being on here and expose Sissy Carmen.

Remember to call your Princess for all your Sissy Training and Exposure Needs.


Princess Anabelle

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Princess Domination Phone Sex

Published May 11, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

confession line main pic

Princess Domination Phone Sex is so much fun. You love my hard beautiful body, sweet beautiful breasts just standing out at attention. You love my sweet young voice telling you exactly what we are going to do. Telling you that you are going to be a Sissy or a slave for me. That you are going to worship me.

You know I will always be in control, you are too weak to ever decide what we are going to do. You love it when I tell you with my sweet, commanding voice what I would like tonight and you better do it exactly like I want it or you will pay the price if I am not happy.  Every time you looks at me, you get weaker and weaker. You just cant say no to me. You know that you can never have me. Now Look at your wife shes boring right? Not me. You know with me I will give in to your Sissy thoughts. I will let you be a complete pervert. I will let you even be a taboo pervert. Haha.

Call me for Princess Domination Phone Sex

Ruined Orgasms

Published March 4, 2017 by Princess Anabelle



Im not going to lie. Even though Im a Feminization Princess Fetish Girl at heart, I do happily have some other Fetishes.

Ok, here’s an example. I like cock control…but only some forms of it. The ones I deem fun. The rest, I just kinda pretend like they don’t exist.

But if you think about it, some of the various kinds of cock control are really kinda perfect to help sate my fetish needs. Say ruined orgasms, maybe.

There are so many ways to ruin a guy’s orgasm, from simple thumbing all the way up to crazy methods.

But you take a ruined orgasm fantasy, and you can easily turn it into a sort of fetish scenario. Let’s say that there’s a woman who wants to learn about penises, ejaculation, and refractory periods. You know, for science. And let’s also say that she’s not short on volunteers for that particular study, either. Haha!

All she has to do is put a pair of latex gloves, get out the lube, put you naked on a table, and you’ve got the perfect setting for CFNM, ruined orgasms, and some light fetish play!

And if her methods for inducing ruined orgasms become increasingly technical, well…that’s to be expected. She needs to know how many times she can ruin an orgasm and the man still remains. For science, obviously.

If, after she’s got him overly sensitive, she reaches for the medical restraints and a gag and starts going for multiple forced orgasms, then that can hardly be called unexpected, either.

And that, Sissy Bois, is how you can randomly acquire your own fetish after having had no interest in it whatsoever up until now.

Now what are you waiting for, give me a call on Niteflirt.

Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763

Sissy Hall of Shame

Published February 8, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

Hello all my Sissy’s and Faggots. Its been a while.  Your Princess is back with some new exciting projects in the works. blog posts, goody bags, MPs, and of course most importantly exposing the shit out of all your little bitches. Haha. You princess has raised her rate and I have no mercy. Haha.  Here goes bitches.

Welcome to the Sissy Hall of Shame. This is where you all are getting exposed each and every one of you. There are pics that all sissy have paid their $50 fee to be exposed. Now they are in the Sissy Hall of Shame. As you know me all by now I have no morals and blackmailing you and exposing you to the world. Now if you are a new Sissy all you have to do is send me you pics on Niteflirt, and pay your $50 free and you can be exposed as well.

FYI – I will also be creating Goody Bags of the Hall of shame, and doing a MP3 on it as well. Take a good look at the Sissy’s.


Enjoy all the pics guys. Remember go and send your pic and $$ to me on Niteflirt

Remember I am not a hard core bitch, I am sen dom, sweetness makes everyone do what I want as you will to as your reading this right this very moment. Enjoy and cry if you must but this princess will keep you locked in a cage and have all man clothes burned, and you will be a sissy 24/7.

Panty Sniffer Phone Sex

Published December 16, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

44 (250x167) (2)What do you think you’re doing? I come into the laundry room to get my clothes out of the dryer and put the dirty ones left here in the washer. I left my laundry basket sitting there for what, 10 min. and there you are digging through my clothes. I can’t believe you’re a little Panty Sniffer Phone Sex!  You’re been smelling my dirty panties straight from the basket like a little pervert. What will my friends say when I tell them you like to stick my panties in your face while you jack your little cock? I was shocked at first and a bit angry, but who can stay mad at you, my perverted neighbor? You say you’ll do anything for me as long as I don’t tell everyone. I consider my options while I bring you over to the bench in the laundry room and sit you down. Do you know it is not OK to steal, right? You hand me back my panties and look at your feet. I place my hand on your thigh and tell you everything is going to be alright, as long as you do what I say. I slide my hand up your little thigh and find your cock growing under my touch. I guess it’s time for me to teach you a few things. I unzip your pants and pull out your small dick. It gets harder and longer in my hand. I stroke you gently and tell you this is how it is done. Much to my surprise,  I can feel my pussy dripping while I touch you. I stand up and slide my panties off and hand them to you. Here, now you don’t have to steal. You bring them to your face and take a big whiff of my pussy juices. I push you down on the floor and straddle your face grinding my sweet hot pussy onto your mouth. You said you’d do anything I say, now you better eat my hot pussy and make me cum unless you want me to tell on you. You’re such a lucky boy getting a taste of this young pussy while we have Sissy Panty boi sniffer Phone Sex.

Are you a naughty Sissy or just a panty boi? Call me lets have some fun. Better call your princess before Christmas comes. Also dont forget to come and spoil me for Christmas.

You can send a tribute to me on Niteflirt or you can go on my Amazon Wish List and buy me a real present.

Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763

Feminization Sissy Phone Sex

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