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Holidays over, Phone Sex is Here

Published January 6, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Happy Tuesday Night to you all!

Sorry guys I have been slacking a bit posting for the past month. Yikes.

I shall be updating my blog in the morning. I hope everyone got through the holidays ok.  Also my poor night time guys I am sure are missing since I am working during the day time. But do try to call me in the day or before 9pm pst at night. Mon-Fri.  Or reach me on your day off Saturday. I shall be here taking calls til 4pm. Ok enough of that now.

Hope you Sissys and Sugar Daddies have been on your best behavior. I do look foward to you guys calling real soon. Dont forget to check your inbox on Niteflirt I sent out some free min on Sunday.

Until we talk, happy jerking to you all. Haha


Princess Anabelle

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