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Princess Domination Phone Sex

Published May 11, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

confession line main pic

Princess Domination Phone Sex is so much fun. You love my hard beautiful body, sweet beautiful breasts just standing out at attention. You love my sweet young voice telling you exactly what we are going to do. Telling you that you are going to be a Sissy or a slave for me. That you are going to worship me.

You know I will always be in control, you are too weak to ever decide what we are going to do. You love it when I tell you with my sweet, commanding voice what I would like tonight and you better do it exactly like I want it or you will pay the price if I am not happy.  Every time you looks at me, you get weaker and weaker. You just cant say no to me. You know that you can never have me. Now Look at your wife shes boring right? Not me. You know with me I will give in to your Sissy thoughts. I will let you be a complete pervert. I will let you even be a taboo pervert. Haha.

Call me for Princess Domination Phone Sex


Niteflirt – Flirt of the Day

Published January 21, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

NiteFlirt – Flirt of the day for Thursday sex

I am so very thankful to Niteflirt and all they offer us flirts. I love all my callers who totally adore me. Be sure you call me for some naughty phone sex fun.

Come and check out my different listings. Espcially this one. My anything goes for fetishes and taboos.
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I look forward to us playing soon.


Princess Anabelle


New Years Eve’s Tips

Published December 31, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

 Happy New Years Eve my Sissy’s and Sugar Daddy’s.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and if you celebrated Christmas you and your family and friends had a very merry one.  Can you believe that in less than a day, we will be entering a New Year – 2016!

Here’s something you probably already know: New Year’s Eve is the single most overrated holiday. It never lives up to the hype, you always end up too drunk and cabless, and then you spend days picking glitter out of your hair. NO MORE. This year, follow these simple rules to have a far less disappointing start of the new year.

1. Set your expectations low. Real low. Think of this as a night out with friends where you all just happen to be wearing nice dresses and jackets.  But you sissy’s can wear your pink panties tonight and you will get the man you want. Opps mean the cock you want, haha.
2. Pick one location and STAY THERE. Do not bar hop. Do not plan on leaving to a second location after midnight because you’re “sure they’ll be cabs free then.” Just don’t. Instead go to the glory hole, where the action is, there will be a lot of drunk guys there. Sugar Daddy’s you need to make sure your paying your princess for the night, hint hint.
3. Stay in your own goddamn house, or better yet, your neighborhood. It’s not worth it to face the masses on the street, trust me. See you can have this wild party at your house, everyone dresses up. All the rooms are filled with different sexes playing and fucking. Yummy.
4. Don’t even THINK about going anywhere near downtown.
 And DEFINITELY don’t consider heading to your ex girlfriends house either. Do you know what kind of messed up that scene is? You have to get there at noon! But now her boyfriend will be there tonight, so watch out.
5. Two words: house party. If it’s your house, and not really a party, and more of you watching TV in pajamas and drinking champagne straight out of the bottle, even better. But screw that guys. House party is to include these items.

1 – sexy outfits

2 – sex toys

3 – alcohol

4 – guy or girl fuck buddy

Happy New Years!

Love ,

Princess Anabelle

Live from Las Vegas 


Published November 26, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

images (1)

As Thanksgiving is today I thought I’d blog down a few things I’m thankful for: my wonderful big family, the memories of a good friends that lasted over 19yrs ( yes since childhood), New friends, and yes Phone Sex.

I’m thankful for Niteflirt for giving me a great opportunity to live out my fantasy’s and fetishes with different callers, and of course getting paid for it. Also being a Princess is a big deal to me, cause you all know I love to be spoiled and be very naughty.

I’m Thankful for all my repeat callers that love and adore me, and that keep calling me back, and giving me tributes. I may be a in high demand Princess by a lot of callers, and dominate to most. But I do appreciate you all.

This is a good time to remember these things, to count our blessings, and say thank you to those we love. And to stock up on extra money and friendship and fetishes since you never know when you wont have thouse naughty thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you.

Sending Lots of love your way.

Princess Anabelle

#Daddy’s Birthday

Published November 21, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

I woke up today feeling so excited. See today is a very special day it’s my Sugar Daddy’s birthday today!! So I shopped and got him all his favorites for his birthday tonight. I took great care in making sure I bought just the right pair of little pink boy shorts.. They are so adorable with hot pink lace running through them. Mmmmm. I got a cute little halter top too that matches and shows my belly button piercing. The one I got in trouble for, LOL. I also got a new hot pink heels. I got my nails done and my toes too. (compliments of my other Sugar Daddies paying that one.)

Anabelle 22

Looks like I got everything ready for my SugarDaddy!
I made the bed and cleaned the house and I got a special big huge bow to wear too, cause I’m my SugarDaddy’s birthday present..
I’m my Daddy’s little sweet treat, always.

So I put my little apron on and I start cooking dinner for my SugarDaddy, I’m making him the best birthday dinner ever… I got the wine ready and the cake and the dinner.

Daddy your home early… Lalalala.
I gotta go now…. My SugarDaddy’s home.

Call me for more of my SugarDaddy’s birthday and anything and everything taboo. Because I can be your naughty little princess to.
I love being my Daddy’s little sweet treat. Yummy Fun & Fetish Phone Sex

Give me a call @

ext: 9733584

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#Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

Published November 4, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Looking for older sugar daddy for this sweet, taboo sugar baby!

Here is why I love Sugar Daddies –

Older men are better companions, they’re seasoned lovers, they know the world and they know themselves. Unlike younger men, they have their emotions in balance, have read more, traveled more, experienced more, are warmer, kinder, less boastful, more tolerant, more affectionate and less violent. They are more interesting, they can choose the wine. And of course they have more money. When it comes to Princess like me, a older man sees me and cant help himself. He loves to lavish me with money, and gifts. Oh course he also love naughty,taboo phone sex with me as well.

Niteflirt – is the place where a older man can call me and let all his perverted fantasies come to life with me on the phone. If your reading this, well your thinking something hot and taboo right now. Yes I am a Daddy’s Girl, Spoiled rotten. I always get what I want, always. No question about that. Might I add I have a young teen voice to match all this naughty talk to. Come and tell me your taboo confessions. Or we can make our own naughty play. Remember when you call your little Princess Anabelle, I have no limits. I do all role plays.
Cant wait til we talk. Dont forget to check out my goodies for sale on Niteflirt.

ext: 9733584
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Princess Anabelle

Sugar Daddy’s Wanted – For this Taboo Teen Princess

Published October 27, 2015 by Princess Anabelle
Princess Anabelle

Princess Anabelle

Stevie is my Hot Phone Sex Sugar Daddy. He is referred to as “Mr.” and “Sir” the office. My Sugar Daddy is a owner of a big company, so as you can see he is in charge there. He has been married to the same “boring” woman for 25 years but cannot leave her because of beliefs and obligations. So instead he loves to call phone sex, and spend his money on his sugar baby (which is me of course) I must add he is quite generous. He loves the idea that I am his little Princess. He loves to send me Tributes on Niteflirt and buy me presents on my Amazon Wish list cause he knows what a Princess needs. Stevie and I have so many fun Role Play Phone Sex games that we play together, but one of my most favorite involves Tease and Denial Phone Sex. Stevie is a very busy man, so when I know that he is in the middle of a meeting with his subordinates, I will send him a naughty photo of myself, cause I know it gets his cock hard. The thought of this dignified man’s cock growing hard while he is in public, gets me so wet. Just to think that someone might see that bulge (giggle). I may do this a couple of times during the morning so that by lunch time he is aching and begging me to get him off. Sometimes he is emailing me begging me to log in and take a call. Most days I may log in if Im not in class. But most of the time he has to wait til I log in at 9pm pst at night. Oh the torture he feels all day long not being allowed to cum until late that night. Sometimes, I show mercy and let him cum during his lunch hour. But the only way I allow him to do that is when he sends me a nice big Tribute
(haha) Stevie is always grateful to me for making his day more exciting, and he proves it to me daily.
Are you looking for some extra Sweetness in your life? Then call me (Your Princess
Anabelle) for Sugar Daddy Phone Sex.
ext: 9733584
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