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Sissy Christmas Wishlist

Published December 20, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

Merry Christmas to all My Sissy’s!

What do all my Sissy’s want Santa to bring you this year?

Here are some ideas for those that are lacking in the imagination department for now.


Are any of these on your lists? Well they should be. This can be you this Christmas.

Now your Princess has sent out a special email to everyone on my Niteflirt list. Dont forget to come and spoil me for Christmas. Tributes, and Tributes and Tributes.

Merry Christmas,

Princess Anabelle


Skype Session With A Slave

Published May 31, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

key safe for chasity key

This morning I did a wonderful Skype session with one of my callers. He is stuck in chastity for 1.50 hrs. Of course now for some of you slaves, and sissy’s, that is nothing. As some of you know I have been stricter and made you stay in Chasity longer. Here is my slave in Diapers. Dosnt he look cute ? Before he put on diaper, he put his chasity on. For those of you that are in chasity, go out on amazon and buy The kitchen safe to lock up the key. You will love it.

Video call snapshot 1.pngVideo call snapshot 2.png

So for some Sissy, Chasity Phone Sex give me call. Also for those that want to wear diapers we can play as well. Its about humiliation and showing off. Enjoy the pics of my sissy. Forced Chasity is always welcome. If you would like a task that is set up just for you, email me on niteflirt. 


Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763



Panty Sniffer

Published April 16, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


Are you a panty sniffer? Oh yes better yet do like to sniff dirty panties in secret? Well its not something you need to be ashamed of. I know many men out there that are panty sniffers as well. I mean come on us girls have sweet pussy’s. Do you find yourself at your best friends house and you go through his girlfriends laundry hamper when he is not looking? I know how bad you crave them. Just the smell of sweet pussy on them.


I love a little panty sniffer. I love to have one sit right in front of me, and just watch me as slowly slide down my day old worn panties. I look over at him just teasing him. I can see the look on his face. So I hand them over and just watch him sniff. He breaths in my very pussy from my panties. He loves it so much that hes so excited. I make him wear them on his face. So his mouth is smothered in the panties. Right in the crouch. Yummy you say. If you are panty sniffer give me a call. I love the panty sniffers that get caught. My favorite.

Give me a call, you wont be able to help yourself.

Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763

Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Published February 22, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


So I want to talk about my Slut Phone Sex caller. We will just call him Mr.Z. What a sexy little slut he is. Last week we were looking and shopping together on Craig’s list in his town for a girl to cum over to his place and bring her trusty strap-on cock, maybe even bring a friend to gang bang him. I emailed a couple of the girls and got no response. Tonight however I told him for a Fee…. I would find him a Mistress to fuck his ass, good and hard. He needs a girl with a lot of “Ramming” power! See Mr.Z wants to be fucked like a little bitch! I am starting him out with a butt plug, I sent him to the adult sex toy store for that and a tube of lube. Next time he calls he will be wearing his little anal plug, and craving his ass filled, I will make him get on his hands and knees again and beg me to fuck his pussy. I got a visual, and I hear him moan and beg for it, it makes me wet!!! Very soon my little fuck toy, we will have you filled very soon! Of course he is paying dearly right now as we speak to be written about and it posted on my blog. Haha Mr. Z . Keep on sending your Princess those Tributes.


Princess Anabelle

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#Sissy – Giving a blow Job

Published January 27, 2016 by Princess Anabelle



Here you go my sissies, I thought you would love this instruction on a blow job.

You’re now into the faster, rhythmical phase he’s been aching for. Try the techniques below as your starting point, and improvise from there. Be sure to include these BJ-boosters, too:

You only need to put his penis into your mouth as far as you feel comfortable when giving head. You can start shallow, and increase the depth slowly.

Pay attention to what’s going on inside your mouth. Make sure it’s always nice ‘n slippery, keep your teeth out of the way, run his head along the roof of your mouth for a bumpy ridge effect, lick the tip of his head while it’s inside and swirl on it with your tongue.

Remember: use teeth softly (or ask if he likes nibbling—and how hard.)

Bring his balls into play. Lube them up and caress them gently for the full erotic oral sex experience. Lightly tug, squeeze and roll them around in the cup of your hand. Then move on to his taint and butt.

Take your time. Remember, enthusiasm is key. Love everything you’re doing! Because, believe me he knows if you love what you do. You do right my slutty cocksucker?

Ok now onto what is next —

The key to him cumin will come from your steady application of the one Golden Technique that works for your guy. Once you discover it, store it away in your memory and you’ll enjoy many happy endings together.  If you never forget it you will be the best lover ever for him.

When do you begin the Golden Technique? When you sense he’s getting close to exploding. Just stay with the same speed, rhythm and pressure—and don’t stop! Then when he erupts:

Soft Hand Finish. If you’re not ready to taste him, substitute your hand for your mouth without missing a beat. But my advice to you is not to be shy and eat it all up like a good slut.

Sweet Lip Finish. With your lips over his head, press your tongue against his peehole. As you stroke him with your hand, let his spurts ricochet left and right off your tongue.

Hot Mouth Finish. If you’re ready for him to come inside your mouth, but you don’t want to swallow, try this: aim him toward the inside of your cheek and use the back of your tongue to close off your throat.

First Yummy Licks. Ready? Let’s start with the basics for giving mind-blowing oral sex.

Lip Slippery Gloss. Flood your puckered lips with saliva, then glide them gently up and down and all around his shaft. Swirl around the head, too.

All-Day Sucker. Push your lips outward and create a gently suction on his shaft. Now suck ‘n glide up and down without losing the vacuum.

Laplander. With your tongue full, wide and relaxed, lick his penis upward like a melting ice cream cone.

Skin Flicks. Flutter and flick the tip of your tongue from the top of his penis all the way to the bottom of his balls.

Exotic Variations.
Flick Off. With his head in your mouth, flick or roll your tongue around the top. Try flattening your tongue to create more surface area.

Twister – A favorite of mine (hehe). Twist your neck left and right so it feels like your mouth is swiveling on his penis as you go up and down. Add in the Flick Off and listen to him moan.
Ivory Hunt. Break the no-teeth rule—gently! Glide your teeth down the length of his shaft, or run the head of his penis over the broad-surfaced molars in the back of your mouth—with a feather-light touch!

Say When. Slowly run your finger up the underside of his penis. Tell him to say “There!” when you reach the most sensitive spot. Now make love to that spot by licking, nibbling and teasing.  Oh he will love it so much.

Remember, the best way to become confident when giving oral sex is to practice. We’re sure he won’t mind a little extra-curricular activity. Now Sissy’s its all about sucking as much cock as you can, so you can be a pro.

Hope you enjoyed your cock sucking lesson for today.

Princess Anabelle

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My Fetish Playroom

Published December 3, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

In my house, I have a game room upstairs, that has just been totally redone. This room is a Sissy’s dream. I call it The Sissy Playroom for all my special Sissy Bitches to come and play. It resembles Barbie Dolls dream house only this room is just for adult Sissy’s. This rooms, walls have been completely painted pink. Hot pink lace drapes and plush white shag carpeting. It smells of sweet strawberries in the this Sissy Play land. Anabelle 20

There is even a Pink canopy bed dressed in pink silk sheets and matching comforter with lace trim. All the furniture in the room matches the bed. Pink Dresser, Pink and white chair. Oh yes and a pink dressing table and chair to do your makeup. Now of course this princess did not forget. There is a mirror as well.  I had a full walk in closet put in as well. In the closets you will see tons of shoes. Ranging from 50 pairs of high heels to 20 pairs of boots. Then we have all the Princess dresses hanging up for all my little fairy’s to wear. There are other costumes,Panties in every color you could imagine. Sexy, beautiful bras, Stockings, Panty Hose, and so much more. Just sexy Sissy clothes that I love for my little bitches to wear. Not to mention the dresser in the closet that has 6 big drawers that are just filled up with so many different toys. Toys that I have ready to use on you.
I know it gets you very excited just to walk around and model for me. What excites you most is that you cant help its when you are the center of attention in the room. Its all because your doing it for me and your wearing whatever I tell them to put on. I bet just the thought of dressing up for me makes you tiny little clit  get hard! I even have a section for my adult babies, including an adult sized playpen with pacifiers and a bureau full of cloth diapers,bibs and booties.
Oh and don’t worry I have a special closet with costumes for me to wear as well. I would love to be your Feminization Princess, or playmate, or little princess. Give me a call sometime and I will do my best to make all of your fantasies come true.
Princess Anabelle

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Published November 26, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

images (1)

As Thanksgiving is today I thought I’d blog down a few things I’m thankful for: my wonderful big family, the memories of a good friends that lasted over 19yrs ( yes since childhood), New friends, and yes Phone Sex.

I’m thankful for Niteflirt for giving me a great opportunity to live out my fantasy’s and fetishes with different callers, and of course getting paid for it. Also being a Princess is a big deal to me, cause you all know I love to be spoiled and be very naughty.

I’m Thankful for all my repeat callers that love and adore me, and that keep calling me back, and giving me tributes. I may be a in high demand Princess by a lot of callers, and dominate to most. But I do appreciate you all.

This is a good time to remember these things, to count our blessings, and say thank you to those we love. And to stock up on extra money and friendship and fetishes since you never know when you wont have thouse naughty thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you.

Sending Lots of love your way.

Princess Anabelle

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