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Pay Pig Phone Sex

Published October 20, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Wallet Draining Phone Sex is so much fun when you have a little loser that loves to give his money to his Teen Princess. When he knows that he is the lowest piece of nothing to her and has to listen to her every command. Taking my heels and pushing my peasant to the floor as he looks up at me begging and pleading for me to let him worship me. I raise my foot to his face making him kiss my feet worshiping each and every toe, yes the entire foot. . His little pathetic cock is throbbing, he reaches down to stroke. I grab him by the hair softly asking him what he is doing. He begs to please let him stroke it. Every stroke is two dollars I tell my little bitch. Knowing he cannot resist he starts stroking slowly every stroke I count by twos starting off very slow. All the sudden I count faster and faster he grabs his cock tighter and strokes faster and faster knowing he is reaching his limit of being able to cum. We get up to one hundred before he is begging to cum. I stop counting; he knows he deserves no pleasure no inferior peasant does. The he tells me the money is in his jeans pocket. I reach into the pocket and there is a $100 bill, so of course I take it out and smile. Now money of course makes this princess happy. So I decide since hes paying cum, I allow it.11297673_956238887754242_310001844_n

Call me my pay piggy’s im waiting!!!

Princess Anabelle
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