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Halloween Party Blue Balls

Published November 1, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


I love giving guys blue balls. It’s my favorite pastime!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I love the parties and the horror movies, but the best part is the dress-up! Last night I was a naughty pink fairy with a sexy pink, short dress, and wings, and sexy 4 in stiletto heels. I wore my costume last night for my party, and my friend and I were talking to this guy. He wasn’t flirting with me at first, but then my friend started talking about how “unbelievably hot my ass looked” my ass is quite cute my hot body, and of course the man kept staring at my ass.

I suggested that we play this game where he takes an M&M (from the candy bowl on the table) and tries to get it in my cleavage and if he “scores” then he gets to retrieve it himself. Well, he had very good aim! I didn’t entirely notice at first, but he kept scooting closer and closer to me on the sofa until finally he was just dropping M&Ms down the top of my dress and retrieving them one after the other. I told him that was cheating, and he said I ought to punish him.

If he was kidding, he was messing with the wrong girl! Because it turns out I love to punish boys and their unruly cocks! I took him into the garage (where no one was) and he told me he had just gotten married but that his wife had really small tits and that he hadn’t been near a pair of hot tits, and tight ass in so long. He said he couldn’t control himself. He tried to kiss me. I told him no. I slid up on the Car in the garage and made him take off my 4-inch hot pink leather stiletto heels and kiss my feet while he begged to see my tits. He did it, kissing every toe and licking the sole of each foot. It felt so good. I could see his cock through his jeans and I rubbed it with the foot that wasn’t in his mouth. I told him he didn’t deserve to be anywhere near my feet because he was such a naughty cheater. He begged just to see one of my breasts. “Eat my pussy first!” I told him. He was happy to oblige he said. He lifted my dress and I wasn’t wearing any panties so he spread me open and did some really fantastic things with his tongue. When I was done he asked if he could fuck my tits since he’d done such a good job.

“Fuck you,” I said as I slid off the hood and started my walk back upstairs. “Save your load for your pathetic bitch wife. I hope she knows what an asshole she married. And you’d better be nice or I’ll send her a picture of you eating my sweet little pussy. Nighty night!”

I hope everyone had a wonder Halloween!

Princess Anabelle


Happy Friday –

Published October 30, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


Happy pre Halloween. Also Happy fetish phonesex friday.
Dont forget guys we have one more day to get ready for Halloween. Are you guys ready?
I know that I am so ready. It is going to be a very naughty night. Yikes, Cant wait til Monday to tell you guys what happens at my Party that I am having this Saturday Night.
But until then I will be taking calls all today and tomorrow. So as you can see we have plenty of time for your naughty confessions, dirty little secrets. Or perhaps you just want to hear you cute little Princess’s voice.


Come check me out on niteflirt. Do you have a hot naughty foot fetish? You know that you love phonesex. I cater hot taboo talk to sissys and sugardaddys, I am also looking for new paypiggys that love to give a princess Their money just because they want to spoil me, and know that I deserve it. For those interested in spoiling me you can send me a amazon gift card to my email or you can send me a nice Tribute on Niteflirt.

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Halloween and Sissys

Published September 27, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Halloween is upon us and that means all you closet sissy sluts can strut around in your favorite sexy, slutty outfits with confidence! The one time of year that it’s totally socially accepted and loved.  A true night to let all your inhibitions fade away and let the sissy cock slut in you shine like a diamond!  I know this makes you feel a bit anxious and nervous but remember it’s Halloween and no one judges you on Halloween. *wink*


Then of course there is a me a Princess that will accept at all times for the year. Do you need some advice on that special outfit you want to wear on Halloween?  OMG!! One of my favorites Holidays. So many partys, so much cock, and so much fun to be had. Me I am having a huge Halloween Party at my house this year.

Give me a call Sissy, and we will see what plans should be made for you.

XOXO Anabelle    –     www.niteflirt.com/anabelle
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