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#Forced #Feminization #Phone Sex

Published June 11, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


Beg ansashatubesocks072d plead for it, your nothing, but a sissy, faggot, bitch to me!  You are determined hold out of my forced feminization phone sex.  My voice will leave you wanting more of me. I know your deep dark secrets and I seem to know how they make you feel.  Your inner voice is telling you, that you can do this, is it true? Your probably asking yourself am I really a little bitch begging to be too controlled.  Well the answer is yes, of course you are. Trust me this is my way of controlling you, I am all about forced feminization phone sex?  

Before you know it, you will be calling seeking my approval on everything.  From the simplest things of how you dress, fuck and sleep, most of all beauty tricks.  I can’t wait to get you fucked like a woman.  I have instructions on how you should suck cock.  Now would other princesses  do that?  I bet not.  I have your needs at hand and plan on keeping them there.  Your clit is the smallest I have ever seen, it amuses me to see it try to get hard let me tell you this forced feminization phone sex really is your last option.  I would feel very embarrassed if I were you to expose that to any woman.  I can’t wait to see you get that ass fucked hard with a real cock.  You’re going to see what your wife has been missing being with you all these years. 

After you get your real fuck with my help of course were going to send her out to get a real dick.  That’s what forced feminization phone sex is all about discovering who you really are.  A fucking sissy bitch who needs a real bitch to control your every move. I am waiting for you to come and spend your money on your princess.

Time is a wasting and those cocks are waiting for you to please. Come and play, and confess your secrets to me. 

I will be waiting for you.

Princess Anabelle

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