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Pay Day Piggy Friday

Published December 8, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

A little birdie told me, that you got paid today. Well duh every Friday is payday. So Pay Piggy guess what? Time to send me your check on Niteflirt, Tribute now! What I will allow you to do is keep just enough so you can eat for the week. As we already know that is all you need. Well Maybe you can keep 50.00 so you can also buy some more panties.

You know whaPvY7c0q (1)t else that little birdie told me? I was told that your sitting at home all alone right now. Your wife went out of town for the weekend. Your sitting there starting your weekend out early. Seriously, Your drinking and getting fucked up already. Its only 830am in the morning. What better time for me to take advantage of you on this special pay day friday.

Today this Princess does not feel sorry for you one bit. I am taking everyone’s money today by Tribute on Niteflirt. I am homewrecking them. Also for all my little Sissy Bitches out there. I am exposing the shit out of you today. Phone Sex On Niteflirt.


Now here is the latest Sissy that has paid her dues of $50.00 to be exposed today. Get a good laugh. Go ahead. Remember this can be you featured here on my blog. You might notice she has been featured before. But she wanted to be shown off and exposed once again. Sissy Bitch CockSucker!

Happy Friday Bitches! You can find me here taking calls on and off this weekend during mornings til evenings. I am off most Sundays.

Princess Anabelle

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Panty Bois and Sissy Cocksucker

Published July 14, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

There are nights when all I want to do is tease and play with a sweet sissy until she’s crying and begging for just for just a bit more. Some nights, the urge to break a panty wearing sissy into teeny tiny bits just because I can is nearly overwhelming.

New fem border

I try, really I do. I try to remember that they are real people, too. That they have issues and needs, and that as a well adjusted member of society it just simply won’t ~do~ to act on my darker urges. As most of the submissive sissys that call me are dominate men in the work world. I try and I try to remind myself that pushing sweet sissies past their limits and boundaries isn’t socially acceptable… But times have now changed, we now live in a different world were so many things are now acceptable, including being a sissy, cocksucker.

No matter how much fun it may be, most of you dont dare go out in public. Well guess what girls (haha) this is where i come in. Its time to make some changes. I mean real changes in your life.

…it is fun, tho. Lots of fun.

Dressing my sweet little sissy in the prettiest dresses, nylons and heels; makeup and hair done, eyelashes out to there, soft perfume, nailpolish and lipgloss…

And then taking my perfect little sissy, and turning her into the biggest slut whore on the planet. Ruining that makeup, that pretty face. Mascara running down her cheeks, cum dripping off her chin, dress in shreds… Runs in her hose from kneeling on concrete sucking off hundreds of horny men…

I want to control her descent into the deepest darkest hells of slut-dom. I want to watch as she accepts her place (kneeling in front of endless cocks), as she accepts her role (cocksucking whore), as she becomes my total slave. I want to see her eyes change as she transforms from a fine upstanding member of society to a cum-guzzling whore who can’t get enough cock.

My sweet sissy now is the time where you take all of my sissy assignments without even blinking an eye. She’ll do what I command, sinking easily to her knees, accepting her place as my sissy cock sucking whore. And on that day, I’ll just have to replace her with a new sissy.  Once this Princess gets a hold of you. You will no longer be the same.

Of course now this is the place where you can confess all to me. Dont be shy make sure you give your priness a call. Especially this weekend. Its after all today is Fetish Friday.

Remember those that are wishing to talk to me, You can always find me taking calls late nights.


Princess Anabelle

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Published November 4, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Princess of Niteflirt

I’m tired of listening to you whine about how you are craving the sissy boy life but you’re just not sure. Well Sissy boy this is what I come in. I’m here to tell you,that ends today. You are going to set up a Feminization, Sissy call, put on your hottest pink girlie panties and follow all my training. I am having a party and there is a room full of Big Black Cocks  waiting to turn you into a cock slut and make your little man pussy their nasty cum dumpster. I’m gonna sit and laugh while they make you their little bitch, and you suck and fuck until you can’t stand. I’m the one in charge and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is your life now, ruled by a bratty teen, forced to be a girl and take BBC’s and more all for the pleasure of knowing I CAN and WILL get you to do ANYTHING for ME. Pick up the phone. This bratty teen dom is in charge now. You know you want to.

Your Feminization Princess Anabelle

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New Sex Toy for Sissy

Published May 11, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

I hear a sharp knock at the door, which I was very tempted to ignore it. I just wanted to continue to read in peace. However, I put my book down and answer the door as I hear another quick knock.  Im coming, Im coming ,” I mutter under my breath. Unlocking the deadbolt lock, I pull the heavy wood door open and my eyes are looking up to a man in a UPS uniform and a sexy, hot  smile. “Package, Ma’am. I need a signature please he says.

I told him that I was sorry to keep him waiting, I was reading a new book that I could not put down. He told me  – that is ok , I understand. He hands me my package and says ” Have a wonderful day Ma’am.

I go glass dildointo my kitchen with my package. I slowly opened the box. Ok Omg. I had to get a knife to cut through the tape. Finally I get the box open. Inside is my new toy. Im so excited. Its a new dildo, about 8in long, and glass. I take it out wash it up, just in case haha. I put it in the freezer for a better effect. See when my special friends comes over later it will be all ready for him. Ha, you thought it was for me didn’t you?

A few hours later I take it out of the freezer and grab my phone and snap a pic of it, and text it over to my sissy friend Jamie. I show him what has come in the mail. Of course hes getting in his car right away to come over to play.

When Jamie arrives hes (shes) wearing a tight,black short skirt. Pale pink blouse, and black stockings and matching Come fuck me slut heels. Of course there is the hot pink panties, and bra underneath it all. You can imagine what a slut she looked like.

Jamie, sees the dildo, and reaches over and grabs it off the table, and starts sucking it like the little cock sucking slut she is. Oh, that does not last for long cause she then begs to have it in her pussy
. I say bend over my little bitch. I get right behind her, slide her pantys to the side, and rub it and tease her pussy. Shes so begging for it. So I slide it inside of her. She moans so loud, so that gave me the thought to fuck her so hard. and she loved it so much. Of course shes begging to cum. But the only way that was aloud if she pays for the afternoon shopping spree later. She agreed. Lucky for her cause she got to explode.

You can be a hot slut to. Look at the pic! Can you imagine taking that inside of you? Do you need it? Give me a call and we will see exactly what you need. Naughty, Hot Feminization, Sissy Phone Sex

Princess Anabelle

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#Cuckold Shock

Published March 5, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

147My Cuckold Surprise this one was a shocker

My neighbor, Sam, and I had always been pretty close friends. I mean we would tell each other everything, even sex stuff. Then we would even have sex with each other after a time. During sex would tell each other all of our fantasies and even role play them out together during sex. He had a huge fantasy about having me cuckold him. The more we role played it, the hotter the fantasy became for me too! I even got him to suck my dildo clean and damn he sucked it good! One night, I was out with the girls at a club,dancing, when this big black man came up to me. He introduced himself as Leroy and asked if he could buy me a drink. He was hot as fuck! He had to be around 6’5” with a very muscular build. After a few drinks, some talking and LOTS of flirting, I decided to bring up my cuckold fantasy. He said it sounded like it would be a good time. I had talked to Sam earlier that night and told him that I will probably not be coming by tonight, as I would probably be getting in late. I knew he was already in bed asleep, so I decided to just surprise him. See Sam always left door locked, but left a key always under that doormat in case I needed to come over and get in or visit him.

As I unlocked the door, Leroy could not keep his hands off of me as we walked through the door. I was trying to be quiet but my giggles probably were carrying down the hallway. I told Leroy to wait outside the bedroom until I come back for him. I quietly opened the bedroom door and saw my neighbor Sam asleep in his bed. “Sam, are you awake?” I asked very sweetly. His eyes slowly opened and he looked up at me. “I am now,” he said, “what’s up cutie? Did you have a good time?” “I brought you home a surprise!” I said excitedly. “You what?” he asked, “What did you bring me?” I walked back to the door and before he could say anything more, I took Leroy by the hand and led him into the bedroom. “This is Leroy,” I told Sam, “I met him at the club. He agreed to come home with me and come over to your house and pound my pussy right in front of you!” “Seriously?! Right now?!?” He exclaimed. “Well, yeah, I’m sure as hell not sending him home now. So just shut the fuck up and move over, you’re gonna need to share the bed. I want you to watch this big black cock stretching my pussy.” I laughed a little. Omg was it funny. the look on Sam’s face. But yes this was so happening right now.

I grabbed Leroy and pulled him onto the bed. He was on his knees as unzipped his pants and slid them down his legs. “Holy Fuck!” Sam exclaimed, as I revealed his massive cock. It was probably close to 10 inches long and big enough around that my fingers wouldn’t touch when I wrapped them around it. I looked at Sam and said “Get over here and suck this big black cock. I need him fully, rock hard to fuck my pussy.” He looked a little shocked but slowly moved toward Leroy. As he got closer, Leroy took his big black cock and started using it to gently smack Sam on the mouth with it. He opened up and started sucking on the head. I couldn’t help myself. I was getting so turned on watching him so I started encouraging Sam. “Oh yeah,suck that big black cock! Get him nice and hard, and ready for my pussy!” Sam began to moan and Leroy shoved it farther into his mouth. Opening wider, it slid down his throat and made him gag. “Oh, there you go my little cock sucking bitch,” I started, “take that fucking cock down your throat! You’re such a good little cock slut! Oh my God, he’s like twice of your little white dick! I can’t wait to have that thing stretching my pussy!” He pulled his mouth off of Leroy’s cock but before he could say anything, I said, “Get down here and lick my fucking pussy. I want you to get a good taste of it before it gets filled with that big black cock. Then you can have another taste after he’s done filling it up.”

Sam got down between my legs and began licking my sweet, tight pussy. Oh, this man could eat some pussy too! “Oh God, yes, lick that pussy for me bitch!” I moaned, “You are so lucky that you are good with your mouth and tongue because after I fuck his cock, I don’t think yours is going to be in this pussy anymore.” After I felt he had enough time with my pussy, I took his head into my hands and made him look up at me. “Are you ready to watch me get fucked by that big, black cock?” I asked? “Oh my God!” was all he could say. I had him roll over so he was facing up with his head right between my legs. I wanted him to have a nice, close up view as that big, black cock stretched its way into my tight hole. “I want you to be able to smell my pussy on his cock as he slides in and out of me. Keep licking his pussy covered cock while he fucks me, sucking his big, full balls. I know my pussy is dripping wet, but I want you to make sure it stays well lubricated so he can fuck me better. Do you understand?” “Oh yes,” he replied.

Leroy’s cock got closer to my opening and Sam did just as he was told. His tongue was already out and waiting to lick his cock before it even made it to my cunt. He placed the head of it onto my pussy, moving it up and down my slit to coat it in my juices then proceeded to press it inside of me. “OH MY GOD!!” I yelled out. This was more than I have ever had inside of me before. Just the head of his cock had my hole stretched tightly around him. He backed out and pressed forward again, adding about a half of an inch with each thrust. “OH SHIT!! Oh my god, he’s bigger than all of my toys!” I exclaimed. This continued for quite some time until he was balls deep inside my tight fuck hole. I felt more full than I ever had in my life! It wasn’t just my pussy that felt stuffed and stretched, I could feel him all the way up into my stomach. Pausing for a moment to let me adjust to his size, he reached down and grabbed a hold of my tits, pinching and rolling my nipples around between his fingers. I LOVE my nipples pinched! As he was doing that, little jolts of pleasure were shooting from my nipples all the way down to my clit. I started to move my hips involuntarily, grinding myself on his cock. Leroy took that as his queue that I was ready for more and began sliding that massive meat stick in and out of me. Sam, still lying underneath the show was eagerly lapping up my juices from Leroy’s cock. “Mmm, taste that pussy on his cock slut! You like the taste of my pussy on another man’s dick don’t you?” “Oh God, Yes!” He replied breathlessly. Once my pussy was all stretched out, it was easier for Mike to fuck into it. I was dripping wet and so close to cumming as he pounded into me so fucking fast and hard! I could feel his cock slamming into my cervix and beyond. Almost as if he was rearranging my insides with his almost arm sized cock, and I LOVED IT! I started to scream out in pleasure as my orgasm built. Closer and closer, I was almost there. “Oh FUCK, YES, FUCK Me!! Pound that fucking cock into my pussy!!! Oh my god I want to cum all over your big fucking black cock!! FUCK! Sam, are you ready?!! I’m going to squirt so fucking good on his cock!! It’s going to be leaking out all over your fucking face!!!” As my cum poured out all over Sam’s face and Leroy’s cock I could feel him growing even larger inside of me. Holy shit!! “FUCK!! Clean up that fucking cum, Now Sam! Lick his fucking balls and clean up every drop of it!!” I said. “I’m going to cum!” Sam exclaimed. “Oh hell no you’re not,” I said, “you will NOT cum until I say you can. Do you understand?” “Fuck! Yes, Anabelle!” he replied. “I want you to sit back now and watch as Leroy fucks me harder. I want you to see what you can never be able to do for me again. Now that my pussy has been stretched and fucked so good, your dick can’t even compare!” With that, Leroy pulled out of me, flipped me over onto all fours and proceeded to pound into me from behind. “Stroke that little loser dick for me Sam, think of how tight my pussy used to be on your “average” dick. Never again baby, Leroy has ruined my pussy for you,” I teased. “OH YES Leroy!! Fuck my pussy!!! Cum in my pussy Leroy! I want to feel that big black cock filling up my pussy!!” My pussy was so tight around him that I could actually feel his cum shooting out of him. The feeling of him cumming inside of me set me off again. I started convulsing on that huge dick, squirt flying out of me as he continued his assault on my tight cunt. “Holy shit, Sam!” I said. “He just filled my pussy with his cum! There is so much, I can feel it leaking out of me already!” Sam watched as Leroy slowly pulled his cock from my now gaping hole. Our combined cum was coating his black shaft. As he pulled the rest of the way out, there was a large string of cum that kept us together. “Get over here Sam,” I said, “Clean up Leroy’s cock. Lick all of that cum off of it. And when you’re done, you can suck the rest of it out of my dripping pussy!” He moved to Leroy, taking his shrinking cock in his hand and proceeded to lick it up and down before taking it into his mouth. He stroked him tight and slow, gripping him around the base and moving his hand all the way up to the very tip of his dick, milking out every drop of that black seed. Once he was done, he moved to my cum filled hole. His tongue slid up and down my slit, collecting everything that had already escaped. “Mmm, there you go. Clean up that sweet cream pie! How does his cum taste?” I asked. “Mmm, it is SOO good!” He replied. “That’s a good little cum slut!” I said, “You did so good, now take that little dick of yours and fuck me. I want you to pound into my sloppy, stretched out pussy!” Sam was all excited! His 5 inch cock slid into me and I could barely even feel him! I made sure he knew that too. I was hardly moaning at all as he pounded into me like a horny dog fucking a bitch in heat. “You like that sloppy cunt, you cock slut?” I asked. “I bet you love that his cum is covering that little dick of yours. It’s so hot and slippery, I can barely even feel you inside of me! Fill my pussy, Sam. You can come for me now.” With that, his body tightened, he grabbed tightly to my hips as he was finally able to unload his full balls into me. Now that my pussy was filled up for the second time I looked back at him and said, “Clean up your fucking mess!” He quickly pulled out of me and bent down to catch his cum that was already leaking out. “You make the best little cuck cuck Sam.” I said. “You are going to be my fluffer from now on. I’m going to have you sucking cock and cleaning up like you deserve to. You’re my little bitch now. Get used to it! Now, come kiss me so I can taste that cum in your mouth!” The night didn’t end there. By the time Sam and I parted our kiss, Leroy was hard as a rock and ready to go again. What do you think I got my little bitch to do the second time around? Ha Ha give me a call, I will tell you all about it, and maybe even share some more stories of adventures that followed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Its been a while since I have blogged so thought I would give you sluts a good long one.

Princess Anabelle
ext: 9808763

Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Published February 22, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


So I want to talk about my Slut Phone Sex caller. We will just call him Mr.Z. What a sexy little slut he is. Last week we were looking and shopping together on Craig’s list in his town for a girl to cum over to his place and bring her trusty strap-on cock, maybe even bring a friend to gang bang him. I emailed a couple of the girls and got no response. Tonight however I told him for a Fee…. I would find him a Mistress to fuck his ass, good and hard. He needs a girl with a lot of “Ramming” power! See Mr.Z wants to be fucked like a little bitch! I am starting him out with a butt plug, I sent him to the adult sex toy store for that and a tube of lube. Next time he calls he will be wearing his little anal plug, and craving his ass filled, I will make him get on his hands and knees again and beg me to fuck his pussy. I got a visual, and I hear him moan and beg for it, it makes me wet!!! Very soon my little fuck toy, we will have you filled very soon! Of course he is paying dearly right now as we speak to be written about and it posted on my blog. Haha Mr. Z . Keep on sending your Princess those Tributes.


Princess Anabelle

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Sissy School Girl Slut

Published February 11, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


The Principal shakes his head once again as he sees Chrissy in his office for the 5th time this week. He says to her. You have been in my office many times this week, for misbehaving and sucking your teachers cocks. I have spanked your cute little round Sissy butt each time. I really thinking that perhaps you are enjoying this. A bit to much I might add.

Principal Paul, bends Chrissy over the desk. Lifts up her school girl skirt, and ripes her panties right off of her. He says – Chrissy this time your going to learn your lesson. He takes his paddle and starts spanking her. But this time she gets 10 wacks on her ass. She moans each time it hit her butt.

Well by then principal Paul is really mad. So he pulls out his big, hard, swollen 10 in cock. He takes his cock and shoves it right up her ass. Chrissy screams with delight. He starts pounding her school girl ass harder and harder. All of a sudden he gushes a load of cum right up inside of her, just filling her up. That will teach her he thinks. But she turns around and then gets on her knees and starts sucking the cock that is going soft. She sucks it like no other Sissy ever has. Hes so hard again, he starts fucking her mouth, gags her. Then he explodes down her throat. Tells her Bitch you better eat it all.

When he is finished he says to her – Now stop sucking off all your professors and you will be here promptly every day at 2pm for your lessons.

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