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Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Published February 22, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


So I want to talk about my Slut Phone Sex caller. We will just call him Mr.Z. What a sexy little slut he is. Last week we were looking and shopping together on Craig’s list in his town for a girl to cum over to his place and bring her trusty strap-on cock, maybe even bring a friend to gang bang him. I emailed a couple of the girls and got no response. Tonight however I told him for a Fee…. I would find him a Mistress to fuck his ass, good and hard. He needs a girl with a lot of “Ramming” power! See Mr.Z wants to be fucked like a little bitch! I am starting him out with a butt plug, I sent him to the adult sex toy store for that and a tube of lube. Next time he calls he will be wearing his little anal plug, and craving his ass filled, I will make him get on his hands and knees again and beg me to fuck his pussy. I got a visual, and I hear him moan and beg for it, it makes me wet!!! Very soon my little fuck toy, we will have you filled very soon! Of course he is paying dearly right now as we speak to be written about and it posted on my blog. Haha Mr. Z . Keep on sending your Princess those Tributes.


Princess Anabelle

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Are you my good Sissy?

Published January 7, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


I talk to a lot of hot men both the phone. The sweet, demanding little Princess that I am, and of course as you all know. I am very proud of it. In fact I have so much fun seeing just how many older, strong, married men I can get excited and turned on.  Now of course I talk to quite a few single men as well. There all so cute. But it is the married men, that I find are open to my kinky, fetish side. I can turn into my “sissy’s.” Oh yes,  I love the challenge and find that I am quiet successful-fair warning I am also extremely addictive.

I use aAnabelle 13ll my Princess skills to mold you my sissy into the perfect little slut for me. Some I leave Whimpering as they follow me around,as they are panting and throbbing to serve me.  OMG they will do anything to serve me. My sissy does just as I say and never questions me. He wants to please his Princess in every way and has no limits to what he will do if I command it. The way it should be! Now of course all of you Sissy’s should all know this already. Its all about being good without question.

Just like my Sissy that calls me almost daily and begs to be a slut, and dress up on pretty pink pants, and cute little halter top. He begs to use his toys on his boi pussy.  Sometimes he even hides garage in his car when his wife is asleep just to talk to his Princess. I’m like his very own personal  drug and if he doesn’t get his fix well lets just say it’s just not pretty.  Haha! Plus he has to hide from his wife so things can get kind of crazy. Like the time she walked in on him screaming my name and begging permission to cum for me. Please Princess Anabelle, I beg of you. He emotionally chants over and over again….laughing.

I love that his wife caught him, and saw him for the pathetic sissy, loser he is.  I do truly adore controlling men,cock,orgasms and turning as many of you older men into sweet, obedient sluts for me.

Are you brave enough to call me and do you dare play the game?


Princess Anabelle

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Teen Phone Sex

Published August 26, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Anabelle 33

Hey guys!
It’s your little teen princess Anabelle.  I have been a very bad girl.  I haven’t been telling you about the cheap,taboo calls that have been keeping me so busy!  I guess it is because all the kids are back to school, and all my Sugar Daddy’s, have lots of time on their hand to play with their Princess.  Well baby, I am just a phone call away.  I love being a sweet girl, and bad naughty girl. I want to share cute tits, and my firm little barely legal body, and my tiny little pussy, and my hot tight ass with all of you naughty older men.  And don’t be shy if your older, I love older men! They sure know how to treat a lady.  All of daddy’s friends taught me that an older man with a stiff cock can really make a little phone sex teen like me squeal.  And you get me at such an affordable price, just $1.59 a minute !  How great is that?   What are you waiting for?  Barely legal, taboo phonesex is just a call away.  Pick up that phone and call me now!
Give me a call at 1-800-863-5478  ext: 9733584

Teen Princess Phone Sex

Published July 27, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Since its Monday guy’s, its the start of the new week. So let’s start it out right, (giggles)

princess anabelle

Are you ready for me? As some of you already now, a naughty teen princess. But for you naughty,kinky men out there that do not know me yet. Here is a bit about me.

I have always been a Daddy’s girl, spoiled to the tee. Do I know how to wrap a older man around my finger, to get what I want. Yes I am a dominate teen. But I can be a bit of a switch as well. I can be domin or submissive only for the right caller I shall be submissive. I love to humiliate and put a submissive man in his place. I do call types of different calls on my Niteflirt listings. Here is a little sample


1 – Daddy’s Girl

2 – Feminization

3 – Domination

4 – All Taboos

5 – Small Penis Humiliation – OK all humiliation

6 – All Role plays

7 – Forced Intoxication

8 – Pay the Princess In Tributes

9 – Forced Gay/ Bisex

If you don’t see it on this list I probably do it, Call one of my listings on Niteflirt. I offer something for everyone. I am open minded, and do all taboo calls. Also you go here for my goodies of nude pics for sale


Here is a list of my different listings on Niteflirt –

Anything Goes Phone Sex –                      1-800-863-5478 ext: 9733584

Feminization Phone Sex –                                                                                                                                                                                  1-800-863-5478 ext: 9808763

Teen Dominination Phone Sex –                                1-800-863-5478 ext: 9859713

To see all my lisitngs go to

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