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#Sissy Phone Sex

Published July 5, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


I hope every one of my subs and Sissy’s and Perverted old Daddy’s, had a wonderful 4th of July. Thank You every for the tributes and gift cards and Amazon Gifts you guys sent to me on my birthday. Remember You can spoil me at any time.

Sissy Phone Sex – This is my favorite type of phone sex. I love when all my Sissy Boys call to dress up and be pretty for me. When a Sissy calls me she is usually already dressed up in a pretty out fit for me. Most of you that are a real sissy know the rules. Be dressed when calling me. No matter what it is it had better be girlie looking.

Most of you are business men! You go home to that boring wife and kids.  You try so hard to make them believe that you are a real man. But in fact they dont know the truth about you do they? But I know the truth. See there is no need to be fake with me. No need to ever pretend to be something that you are not.  I am here to bring out the sissy that you are.

When I tell you to do something, give you a task it most always be done. I love to my panty bois go into Victoria Secrets and go shopping for new pantys. Then they have to send me a picture as proof that they did it. Sometimes I use that pic to my liking. Heck I may even sale the pic to the highest bidder. Lmao. Opps Your reading this right now, thinking how you would love to be exposed for the faggot, sissy you are. Hell just paying me money over and over again. Blackmailing you. You love it. See the rush that you experience.

So now is the time to call your princess. It does not matter which of the three services you call me on, your going to get the same thing. I am looking forward to taking your money and making my little Sissy.

Princess Anabelle


Happy 4th Of July

Published July 4, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

This July 4th, celebrate our nation’s birth not just by watching fireworks, but by setting off some of your own. Don’t just eat BBQ, play hide the sausage. OK, these double entendres are played out. We know it. We’ ll just come right out and say it: Whatever your plans may be this holiday, assert your (sexual) Independence by making time for a good ‘ol outdoor romp. The holiday requires it. Just don’t get caught. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. After the jump, our suggestions …

1. During a fireworks show. Be as loud as you want, no one will hear you moan.

2. The boat house. All the boats will be out on the water and no one will be there to interrupt you. Oh yeah, and the subtle rocking motion will only help you on your voyage.

3. On a boat. If you have access to one. DUH. Unless you or your partner is prone to sea sickness.

4. In the wilderness. Let the other campers roast marshmallows while you work on pitching a tent.

5. On your rooftop. If you’re the multi-tasking sort, take your business up to the roof after dark so you can make the sex and watch the fireworks display at the same time.

6. On a picnic blanket. So sweet. So innocent. So HOT.

7. Inside an ice cream truck. Popsicles, cones, and sprinkles. Oh my. You won’t be calling anyone Mister Softee.

8. In a pool. You won’t get sweaty, but you will have fun.

9. On a Slip ‘n Slide. This is basically a glorified, outdoor sex toy. Have at it.

10 On the beach. Just watch out for getting sand all up in the cracks. Nobody ever mentions that do they?

11. On a national monument. Or if it’s possible IN a national monument. Now that’s showing your patriotism.

Other ideas? Please share.

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there!4th-July-Mickey-Donald-Rocket

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