Naughty Cum Dumpster

Published September 15, 2017 by Princess Anabelle


Now Mr. Jay just couldn’t help himself today and had to have both me and friend Krissy over last Friday Night. Poor Mr. Jay was forced to be undressed while Krissy and I sat on the couch giggling at how embarrassed he was that we were knew how naughty he was!

We always see him watching us through his window – we make sure we walk around naked and get fucked while he’s watching us! Today – we’re up close and personal forcing him to get hard in front of us…knowing all the while what he REALLY wants!

What do all the cuckold boys want hmm? Well not only does he want to CLEAN it for us – but this guy LOVES to lick it while we get fucked – shoving his tongue in our holes along side of our boyfriends cocks. Oh fuck yah he does…. Cock sucker time for him.

When he could taste that salty CUM starting to ooze out – you bet he couldn’t even hold it any longer and EXPLODED for us both sucking streams of cum straight out of our boyfriends cocks! No cream pies for you!

Mmmm LOVE when you’re so dirty for me Mr. Jay! See I now have Mr.Jay reading all about him. Haha Loser!

Ew – Ew – Ew!

Cum get some boys – plenty more where that came from hehe

Princess Anabelle – 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9808763


One comment on “Naughty Cum Dumpster

  • I’m a perverted 54 y/o that loves to jerk off thinking about the jr high school girls that walk by my house. I loved the thought of young bald puss. I jack off to it all the time.


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