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Sissy Hall of Shame

Published February 8, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

Hello all my Sissy’s and Faggots. Its been a while.  Your Princess is back with some new exciting projects in the works. blog posts, goody bags, MPs, and of course most importantly exposing the shit out of all your little bitches. Haha. You princess has raised her rate and I have no mercy. Haha.  Here goes bitches.

Welcome to the Sissy Hall of Shame. This is where you all are getting exposed each and every one of you. There are pics that all sissy have paid their $50 fee to be exposed. Now they are in the Sissy Hall of Shame. As you know me all by now I have no morals and blackmailing you and exposing you to the world. Now if you are a new Sissy all you have to do is send me you pics on Niteflirt, and pay your $50 free and you can be exposed as well.

FYI – I will also be creating Goody Bags of the Hall of shame, and doing a MP3 on it as well. Take a good look at the Sissy’s.


Enjoy all the pics guys. Remember go and send your pic and $$ to me on Niteflirt

Remember I am not a hard core bitch, I am sen dom, sweetness makes everyone do what I want as you will to as your reading this right this very moment. Enjoy and cry if you must but this princess will keep you locked in a cage and have all man clothes burned, and you will be a sissy 24/7.

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