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Published November 30, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Very beautiful 🙂

John Benjamin


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Girlie Phone Sex

Published November 9, 2016 by Princess Anabelle
Princess Anabelle

Princess Anabelle

Hey there Sissy boy, I see you walking down the street with your hands on your hips, walking like a girl. Also see those pink panties, your trying to hind under your jeans. Your trying to look sideways and sneak a peek at all those hot manly men. You know that you are not a real man. You realized that a long time ago.  Yeah I already know what a man like you want from a girl like me, because your eyes your eyes light up when you see a Princess like me. You see that I can get all the hot men. You want to be just like a me. A hot Princess. You want to dress like I do, be like me, and get all the manly cock. But you don’t really know what your doing do you? You don’t know how to be girly like you should, or get that man. You should prob call me and get some  Phone Sex training

Call your feminization princess now cause im waiting. Im here in the early or late mornings til about late nights. Dont wait a moment longer. I can teach you everything you need to know. 

Love Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763
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Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Published November 4, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Princess of Niteflirt

I’m tired of listening to you whine about how you are craving the sissy boy life but you’re just not sure. Well Sissy boy this is what I come in. I’m here to tell you,that ends today. You are going to set up a Feminization, Sissy call, put on your hottest pink girlie panties and follow all my training. I am having a party and there is a room full of Big Black Cocks  waiting to turn you into a cock slut and make your little man pussy their nasty cum dumpster. I’m gonna sit and laugh while they make you their little bitch, and you suck and fuck until you can’t stand. I’m the one in charge and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is your life now, ruled by a bratty teen, forced to be a girl and take BBC’s and more all for the pleasure of knowing I CAN and WILL get you to do ANYTHING for ME. Pick up the phone. This bratty teen dom is in charge now. You know you want to.

Your Feminization Princess Anabelle

Call Button  1-800-863-5478  ext: 9808763

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