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Confession Phone Sex

Published June 29, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


Sometimes you just need to call and tell someone all your dirty little secrets. You need someone like me that will listen, with no judgments.  I’m ready to hear your filthiest desires. Tell me all about the insatiable lust you have for the young girl next door. You try so hard to block these thoughts from your brain but they always return. They creep through the tiniest open window to your mind bringing with them all the perverted desires you can’t even admit to yourself. How could you resist? She is so sweet and young. Her perfect milky white skin sparkling in the sun while you splash with her and her mother in the pool. No one knows that you’re only dating her mom so you can get close to that sweet little darling and her smooth little hairless body. Well…nobody knows it but me that is. Don’t worry, your secret is safe. I wouldn’t blame you a bit for looking at that sweet little girl. Her skin is smooth as silk and her little smooth pussy is ripe for the taking. You dream of the day when her mother has to run errands, or go to work and leaves you alone with her sweet little girl. You’ll be excited by her trusting smile and unable to resist any longer. Maybe she needs a little help from you, while she is taking her bubble bath. Or perhaps you’d rather help her pick out some pretty panties to wear to bed. I know you can’t resist feeling her little hands wrapped around your hard throbbing cock. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Whatever your pleasure, I’ll keep your secret when you tell me your Confession Phone Sex. Want more details? Join me! Also for you naughty little Sissy’s that would also call and confess to me your love for being a cock sucking fagot. You stole panties for so long. You sucked your friends cock when you were young. Now as your all grown up to a man. Not your a sissy. You cant get a woman to have you cause they don’t excite you the way a cock does. Come and confess that secret to me. You know you want to. No point in hiding anymore. Remember when you call the confession line on Niteflirt. Dont think your going to jack off and cum, or that I will help you. This line is not for me getting you off at all.


Summer fun Sex

Published June 25, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Anabelle 13

To all my guys that Have been looking for me. I have been off most of the week on vacation. I will be taking calls this weekend. I hope you find me. You will see me taking calls on any of the three services listed to the right. If you don’t see me on you can always send me a email to find out when I will be back on taking calls at 

Also for those wishing to give me a tribute because you want to spoil me. You may do so at one of the three services or you may send me a tribute to  < this is a payment address only>also me and my bff share this address for tips and call payments.

Don’t forget my birthday is coming up on July 3rd. I will be celebrating my birthday week all week long starting Monday. Come and spoil me.

This princess has been having a lot of fun this week, camping and fucking the camp host with one of my bff’s. Of course we all know that it is summer time. Time for vacation, camping, pool parties and of course a lot of naughty, hot sex.  If some of you guys would like to submit some of you summer fun activities, go ahead. I sure all of my fans would love to read about you sex activities. Cause as we know, most of you out there are taboo daddies  or sissy cocksuckers. If you want to know what your princess did while she was camping this week, you will have call me and find out hehe. Also so you know ahead of time I will be off for a week in August from – 8/21/16-8/28/16.

Looking forward to talking soon.

Princess Anabelle

Teen – Edging Phone Sex

Published June 17, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


It’s summer time! Everyone is out of school and the mall is packed with little teen hotties awaiting Cock Training Phone Sex. You’ve been eying some of them up the last few weeks, going and sitting on the bench across from Old Navy, watching them cheerfully bounce in, frolicking  around holding up different clothes and giggling. The sight of them makes your age play phone sex cock rock hard. It started with you going home and jerking it to the image of them in your head, cumming hard in the privacy of your own room. Then you worked your away up to the bathroom here at the mall, sliding into a stall and stroking right there, shotting your load only minutes away from them. Realizing you needed more you worked your way to the dressing room, being able to hear them giggle and talk was an instant cum, a handful of strokes and your dick exploded to the sound of their voices. You need more though, to touch them, feel them, brush up against them, something that gives you physical contact. Your cock needs trained so you can come instantly once you do bump into one of them, an edging phone sex lesson or cum control phone sex. Let me teach you how to own your dick and the man cum in your balls. How to edge yourself just right so that when you do brush up against her petite body, your skin touching hers, you can just blow a load in your pants. Cock Training Phone Sex is what you need, consider it to be that pervert training that gets you the desires you have burning deep inside your balls. Looking has lost it’s feeling, the only thing now that can help you is physical contact with the little hotties you have been stroking it to for so long.

Call your Princess Anabelle, I can help you.

#Forced #Feminization #Phone Sex

Published June 11, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


Beg ansashatubesocks072d plead for it, your nothing, but a sissy, faggot, bitch to me!  You are determined hold out of my forced feminization phone sex.  My voice will leave you wanting more of me. I know your deep dark secrets and I seem to know how they make you feel.  Your inner voice is telling you, that you can do this, is it true? Your probably asking yourself am I really a little bitch begging to be too controlled.  Well the answer is yes, of course you are. Trust me this is my way of controlling you, I am all about forced feminization phone sex?  

Before you know it, you will be calling seeking my approval on everything.  From the simplest things of how you dress, fuck and sleep, most of all beauty tricks.  I can’t wait to get you fucked like a woman.  I have instructions on how you should suck cock.  Now would other princesses  do that?  I bet not.  I have your needs at hand and plan on keeping them there.  Your clit is the smallest I have ever seen, it amuses me to see it try to get hard let me tell you this forced feminization phone sex really is your last option.  I would feel very embarrassed if I were you to expose that to any woman.  I can’t wait to see you get that ass fucked hard with a real cock.  You’re going to see what your wife has been missing being with you all these years. 

After you get your real fuck with my help of course were going to send her out to get a real dick.  That’s what forced feminization phone sex is all about discovering who you really are.  A fucking sissy bitch who needs a real bitch to control your every move. I am waiting for you to come and spend your money on your princess.

Time is a wasting and those cocks are waiting for you to please. Come and play, and confess your secrets to me. 

I will be waiting for you.

Princess Anabelle

Cuckold Phone Sex

Published June 7, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


For all those cuckold phone sex losers that will never get my pussy. Hell you probably wont be getting any girls pussy at all. The only way you will ever get someone like me is to pay for it. Most men with big cocks get to cum all over me wherever they please, the only thing you will ever have to cum all over will be your own hands. You are pathetic piece of shit and a waste of my time I don’t know why you bother calling yourself a man. The only thing you will get is a quick phone fuck by a women you don’t even know. So many women have laughed at the size of your cock from me emailing the xxx pictures to them or you forgot to turn off the light before you dropped your pants. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even get a woman to fuck you out of pity. I think the only reason I continue to talk to you  is because I get excited by the humiliation phone sex calls. Plus I am getting paid loser. So call now and pay me some more money. If your a good boy I might let you become my personal cocksucker.

Princess Anabelle

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