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Skype Session With A Slave

Published May 31, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

key safe for chasity key

This morning I did a wonderful Skype session with one of my callers. He is stuck in chastity for 1.50 hrs. Of course now for some of you slaves, and sissy’s, that is nothing. As some of you know I have been stricter and made you stay in Chasity longer. Here is my slave in Diapers. Dosnt he look cute ? Before he put on diaper, he put his chasity on. For those of you that are in chasity, go out on amazon and buy The kitchen safe to lock up the key. You will love it.

Video call snapshot 1.pngVideo call snapshot 2.png

So for some Sissy, Chasity Phone Sex give me call. Also for those that want to wear diapers we can play as well. Its about humiliation and showing off. Enjoy the pics of my sissy. Forced Chasity is always welcome. If you would like a task that is set up just for you, email me on niteflirt. 


Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763




Sissy Cocksucking Hour

Published May 26, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Get on your knees, my little slut bitch. Its time to put your pink lips to use. Come now, you know you put on that hot pink lip stick for a reason. Its so you can now have cocksucking lips and be a good cocksucker. So lets get ready slut.

Since you don’t have a cock at the moment bitch. Your princess has a nice big 10 inch strap on for you. I am going to teach how to suck it properly, and teach you what a real man wants from a loser cocksucker like you. Yes you know your not a real man that is why you are my sissy

images              sissy-maid-shopping-1-l-140x140



Your princess is going to slide every inch down your throat. You are going to gag, your eyes are going to water, but you will learn to take it all. I mean every last bit of it. You know you don’t want to piss off your princess right?

Now after I say and only when I say that you are done sucking it we will move onto what is next. You will beg me to fuck that fuck hole of yours. You will be to have this cock slammed deep inside your pussy. Ya I said it. Your no longer a man so its not a ass. Its a pussy and you had better never forget it. Come on now you have a little clit. Come on you knew this would happen to your loser ass. See you do like it. Your such a good little cock bitch. You start moaning and screaming so loud that the neighbors hear you. You love it so much. Now next time we can go shopping and buy you some pretty girlie clothes and you can dress up for me and my girlfriends. Sounds exciting right. You can even be the sissy maid.

Until next time Call your me. Feminization Sissy Phone Sex

Princess Anabelle

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New Sex Toy for Sissy

Published May 11, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

I hear a sharp knock at the door, which I was very tempted to ignore it. I just wanted to continue to read in peace. However, I put my book down and answer the door as I hear another quick knock.  Im coming, Im coming ,” I mutter under my breath. Unlocking the deadbolt lock, I pull the heavy wood door open and my eyes are looking up to a man in a UPS uniform and a sexy, hot  smile. “Package, Ma’am. I need a signature please he says.

I told him that I was sorry to keep him waiting, I was reading a new book that I could not put down. He told me  – that is ok , I understand. He hands me my package and says ” Have a wonderful day Ma’am.

I go glass dildointo my kitchen with my package. I slowly opened the box. Ok Omg. I had to get a knife to cut through the tape. Finally I get the box open. Inside is my new toy. Im so excited. Its a new dildo, about 8in long, and glass. I take it out wash it up, just in case haha. I put it in the freezer for a better effect. See when my special friends comes over later it will be all ready for him. Ha, you thought it was for me didn’t you?

A few hours later I take it out of the freezer and grab my phone and snap a pic of it, and text it over to my sissy friend Jamie. I show him what has come in the mail. Of course hes getting in his car right away to come over to play.

When Jamie arrives hes (shes) wearing a tight,black short skirt. Pale pink blouse, and black stockings and matching Come fuck me slut heels. Of course there is the hot pink panties, and bra underneath it all. You can imagine what a slut she looked like.

Jamie, sees the dildo, and reaches over and grabs it off the table, and starts sucking it like the little cock sucking slut she is. Oh, that does not last for long cause she then begs to have it in her pussy
. I say bend over my little bitch. I get right behind her, slide her pantys to the side, and rub it and tease her pussy. Shes so begging for it. So I slide it inside of her. She moans so loud, so that gave me the thought to fuck her so hard. and she loved it so much. Of course shes begging to cum. But the only way that was aloud if she pays for the afternoon shopping spree later. She agreed. Lucky for her cause she got to explode.

You can be a hot slut to. Look at the pic! Can you imagine taking that inside of you? Do you need it? Give me a call and we will see exactly what you need. Naughty, Hot Feminization, Sissy Phone Sex

Princess Anabelle

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Extreme Phone Sex with Princess Anabelle

Published May 4, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


I know you’re not satisfied with just regular phone sex but you would rather have some extreme phone sex with no limits where anything goes to really get that cock off.  Maybe you want to tie a gorgeous girl like me up and take me to the dark side where you Take all of my holes with your horny cock. Or maybe you are the one who wants to get taken by a big thick juicy cock. I have many guy sex friends I could invite over to gang bang you for my own entertainment as I watch and direct them, telling them what I want them to do to you. Whether it is me or you getting filled up with cock our extreme phone sex session is going to be absolutely delicious and mind blowing. So no matter what the fantasy or desire is, it will be filled. Come and check out all my different listings on Niteflirt.


I want to hear all about what filthy thoughts and your confessions. Come on you know you want to cross over to the dark, kinky side.

Give me a call.

Princess Anabelle



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