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Panty Sniffer

Published April 16, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


Are you a panty sniffer? Oh yes better yet do like to sniff dirty panties in secret? Well its not something you need to be ashamed of. I know many men out there that are panty sniffers as well. I mean come on us girls have sweet pussy’s. Do you find yourself at your best friends house and you go through his girlfriends laundry hamper when he is not looking? I know how bad you crave them. Just the smell of sweet pussy on them.


I love a little panty sniffer. I love to have one sit right in front of me, and just watch me as slowly slide down my day old worn panties. I look over at him just teasing him. I can see the look on his face. So I hand them over and just watch him sniff. He breaths in my very pussy from my panties. He loves it so much that hes so excited. I make him wear them on his face. So his mouth is smothered in the panties. Right in the crouch. Yummy you say. If you are panty sniffer give me a call. I love the panty sniffers that get caught. My favorite.

Give me a call, you wont be able to help yourself.

Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763

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