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Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Published February 22, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


So I want to talk about my Slut Phone Sex caller. We will just call him Mr.Z. What a sexy little slut he is. Last week we were looking and shopping together on Craig’s list in his town for a girl to cum over to his place and bring her trusty strap-on cock, maybe even bring a friend to gang bang him. I emailed a couple of the girls and got no response. Tonight however I told him for a Fee…. I would find him a Mistress to fuck his ass, good and hard. He needs a girl with a lot of “Ramming” power! See Mr.Z wants to be fucked like a little bitch! I am starting him out with a butt plug, I sent him to the adult sex toy store for that and a tube of lube. Next time he calls he will be wearing his little anal plug, and craving his ass filled, I will make him get on his hands and knees again and beg me to fuck his pussy. I got a visual, and I hear him moan and beg for it, it makes me wet!!! Very soon my little fuck toy, we will have you filled very soon! Of course he is paying dearly right now as we speak to be written about and it posted on my blog. Haha Mr. Z . Keep on sending your Princess those Tributes.


Princess Anabelle

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Sissy School Girl Slut

Published February 11, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


The Principal shakes his head once again as he sees Chrissy in his office for the 5th time this week. He says to her. You have been in my office many times this week, for misbehaving and sucking your teachers cocks. I have spanked your cute little round Sissy butt each time. I really thinking that perhaps you are enjoying this. A bit to much I might add.

Principal Paul, bends Chrissy over the desk. Lifts up her school girl skirt, and ripes her panties right off of her. He says – Chrissy this time your going to learn your lesson. He takes his paddle and starts spanking her. But this time she gets 10 wacks on her ass. She moans each time it hit her butt.

Well by then principal Paul is really mad. So he pulls out his big, hard, swollen 10 in cock. He takes his cock and shoves it right up her ass. Chrissy screams with delight. He starts pounding her school girl ass harder and harder. All of a sudden he gushes a load of cum right up inside of her, just filling her up. That will teach her he thinks. But she turns around and then gets on her knees and starts sucking the cock that is going soft. She sucks it like no other Sissy ever has. Hes so hard again, he starts fucking her mouth, gags her. Then he explodes down her throat. Tells her Bitch you better eat it all.

When he is finished he says to her – Now stop sucking off all your professors and you will be here promptly every day at 2pm for your lessons.

#Sissy Super Bowl

Published February 6, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

That’s right Sluts, I have booked some of My better behaved sissy’s to serve and entertain at the upcoming Super Bowl parties On Sunday where they live. Funny.

I have had them purchase cute little maids outfits, of pink and black. Some have had that wonderful “butt plug” in all week in preparation. In all 4 of My sissy’s will be attending the designated parties with friends of mine is different states. 

They had all better be very good girls, serve a lot of cock – tails, and be the best sissy’s they can be. Otherwise, by Monday, there maybe some nasty welts on their little backsides.

I will let you know how they do.

Sissy Mandy, whom should be governing all of the on phone since I shall be busy. She keeps giving excuses hmm.  She better do a good job or else there will be trouble and she may be banned from cumming for a month, and live in Chasity for that month. 
Well, we all know about excuses don’t we girls, “excuses are like assholes, everyone has one”.

I will talk to you soon, Sissy’s.  Be sure to call Me for your sissy training schedule.

You already know that Feminization Sissy Phone Sex is #1

Dont forget you can find me on and off all weekend taking calls on Niteflirt.

Main schedule is 9p-4a pst (if you dont see me on during these hours, means im taking a break and will be back. You can always send me a email and i will let you know when I am coming back on.

ext: 9808763

School Time

Published February 4, 2016 by Princess Anabelle

Time for this Princess to head off to Class. Hopefully I will be back in a few hours, if not I will on taking calls tonight on Niteflirt from 9p-4a pst.

But until I come back, hopefully you are being naughty, and thinking about a wild hot fantasy we can do later, if not. I will surely think of something for you.




Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

Published February 4, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


Sugar Daddy Phone Sex has so many exciting benefits. First off when most of the older men come and see my page here on Niteflirt. Well lets say they start thinking all kinds of dirty naughty thoughts. But here is the plus to it all and the benefits.

First off all my Sugar Daddy’s just love my cute little, young voice. They want to just spoil me. Like today My Special Sugar Daddy called me and he took me shopping on Amazon and bought all kinds of special presents. OMG! I love all the new shoes, im getting. Well when I get spoiled like this I love to do everything my Sugar Daddy’s want me to do for them. Sexually speaking haha. Well I am a young girl, with a very strong appetite for a hard cock. Everyone has needs right?

Well after that my Sugar Daddy bought me new sexy pantys. I put them on for him and modeled all around the house. He pulled out his hard cock as he watched me bend over time and again. Oh but when I pulled my pantys aside and started masturbating me sweet pussy. He could not handle it anymore. He said to me – Someone is going to get a good fucking now. Omg I was wet. He bent me over the couch and started licking my sweet pussy. Oh it felt so good, Next thing you know I was so hot that I squirted all over his face. Hmm he surely loved that. But then he took this beautiful raging cock of his. He said Im going fuck you so good, You will remember who your #1 Sugar Daddy is. He slide his cock deep inside of me. Started fucking me slowly, then harder and harder and harder, til omg he exploded hot milky cum deep up inside of me.

Sound hot? You want to be next. Only my fetish Sugar Daddys. If you are lucky.

Hugs and Kisses,


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#Pay Piggy’s Phone Sex

Published February 4, 2016 by Princess Anabelle


                                      *** For all my Pay Piggy’s this is for you ***

Dont sit there blushing, because you know this post is all about you. Hahah. As most of you know I have all types of lines on Niteflirt. But this one is special for my guys that love to give me all of their money.  So I have changed things up a bit on my Financial Domination listing. Its is now for all you pay piggys. So I Welcome you all to the New Financial Institution of – The Bank Of Anabelle.

Since everyone keeps sending me emails, asking if they can just send me a high $$ tribute on Niteflirt. Here you go, you can now call this high dollar phone sex listing and pay me here. So come and spoil me, and pamper your princess. Give me a call. Calls on this listing will be $3.06 a min. hehe.

ext: 9859713

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