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#Foot Fetish

Published November 29, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

11-29-15 pedicure and nails

My beautiful toes and nails. Just Finished and got back from nail salon a hour ago. This was paid for of course by a very generous caller. So sweet.

I love when men have a #footfetish. There are so many things to admire. Especially when they look so sexy and hot. Are you looking now? Are you thinking about how you would like to worship them? Of course you are.

If you are reading this on twitter, make sure you reblog or retweet if you have a foot fetish.  Share you comments for everyone to see. Dont be shy. You would be surprised how many other men have to desire to worship a Princess’s feet like mine. Heck there are a lot of men out there that will actually pay money just to see my feet.

My toes and feet are adored and worshiped and pampered as you see them, you think about how you might like to  rub, lick, suck and sniff them.

Give me a call on niteflirt and you can do just that. Pay a tribute and you can be my foot slave. Happy Sunday Guys 🙂

Come and check out all my Phone Sex listings on Niteflirt. There is some fetish or taboo for everyone.


Princess Anabelle



Published November 26, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

images (1)

As Thanksgiving is today I thought I’d blog down a few things I’m thankful for: my wonderful big family, the memories of a good friends that lasted over 19yrs ( yes since childhood), New friends, and yes Phone Sex.

I’m thankful for Niteflirt for giving me a great opportunity to live out my fantasy’s and fetishes with different callers, and of course getting paid for it. Also being a Princess is a big deal to me, cause you all know I love to be spoiled and be very naughty.

I’m Thankful for all my repeat callers that love and adore me, and that keep calling me back, and giving me tributes. I may be a in high demand Princess by a lot of callers, and dominate to most. But I do appreciate you all.

This is a good time to remember these things, to count our blessings, and say thank you to those we love. And to stock up on extra money and friendship and fetishes since you never know when you wont have thouse naughty thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you.

Sending Lots of love your way.

Princess Anabelle

Christmas Time

Published November 21, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


For all my guys that would love to spoil me for Christmas. Here are some links for buying gift cards.
Thank You.

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#Daddy’s Birthday

Published November 21, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

I woke up today feeling so excited. See today is a very special day it’s my Sugar Daddy’s birthday today!! So I shopped and got him all his favorites for his birthday tonight. I took great care in making sure I bought just the right pair of little pink boy shorts.. They are so adorable with hot pink lace running through them. Mmmmm. I got a cute little halter top too that matches and shows my belly button piercing. The one I got in trouble for, LOL. I also got a new hot pink heels. I got my nails done and my toes too. (compliments of my other Sugar Daddies paying that one.)

Anabelle 22

Looks like I got everything ready for my SugarDaddy!
I made the bed and cleaned the house and I got a special big huge bow to wear too, cause I’m my SugarDaddy’s birthday present..
I’m my Daddy’s little sweet treat, always.

So I put my little apron on and I start cooking dinner for my SugarDaddy, I’m making him the best birthday dinner ever… I got the wine ready and the cake and the dinner.

Daddy your home early… Lalalala.
I gotta go now…. My SugarDaddy’s home.

Call me for more of my SugarDaddy’s birthday and anything and everything taboo. Because I can be your naughty little princess to.
I love being my Daddy’s little sweet treat. Yummy Fun & Fetish Phone Sex

Give me a call @

ext: 9733584

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Schedule Update for #Phonesex

Published November 20, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Evening Guys,

Just wanted you all to know if you looking for me to be logged in and dont see me. Check out my Niteflirt Schedule Page at the top of my blog.

I do weekly updates of my hours for the week, and if there are any changes Then I update daily as well. Or nightly.

See you guy later tonight as I have some things going on tonight and will be on a bit later.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.



#Diaper Boy Fetish

Published November 18, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Hello my sexy callers – 

Now I have not written about this fetish before, but It does seem to be quite popular. I do have a lot of fetish callers that call me for this.

Some are refereed to as Adult Babies, some like to wear a diaper, and be changed. I do realize this is not for everyone, but a lot of you out there do love this. I told a very special caller that I would do a post on my blog about this topic. So You here you Mr. Diaper lover. 

Are you into a naughty fetish? Something like Adult Diaper Lover Fetish? Having a sexual craving for something like diapers isn’t always something you can share with just anyone. That’s why fetish phone sex is perfect for all of you adult diaper boys that want to  explore your AB/DL fantasies!

sissy natalie #3

Not all adult babies like the exact same things in this fetish. So when you call me, I like to listen to your wants and needs, and take it from there.

Some just want to feel there cock inside of that diaper, and get off on wetting it, and being changed. Others are more extreme, where they use a suppository. So when you call me for this Diaper Fetish you know exactly what you want.

You better be a good adult diaper boy and lay there while I put this big adult diaper on you. I know you’re so anxious to get that diaper against your smooth little ass.  I see that your cock is growing bigger and harder already. I know you just want to soil your diaper as fast as you can so that I can clean you up! 

Sometimes my adult diaper boy likes to be a naughty little guy and even enjoys being humiliated, or hes just a sissy! It’s always fun for me to watch your little cheeks get redder and your dick grow harder when I grab your crotch to check your diaper. Sometimes to humiliate you even more I let you sit in your messy diaper, but that only makes your cock throb harder! Before I know it you have your hand on your diaper rubbing your hard cock. I have to admit this makes me want to play with my adult diaper boy even more!

 I can be a nurturing and loving caretaker but if you are a naughty boy then I can be firm and disciplinary. I have many forms of punishment, some even involve you watching me get my wet, pussy pounded by a cock that’s way bigger than yours! If you’re super bad then I might even have to lock your cock up inside of that adult diaper while you watch me get fucked. Of course some of you will be locked up in chastity, and a diaper covering it.

I can’t wait to have some diaper phone sex with one of my adult diaper boy callers! I’m going to entertain your diaper fetish like never before! I just love thinking about talking to an adult diaper lover, it get’s my pussy all tingly and warm. Is your cock getting hard in that diaper? I want to hear all of your taboo, diaper loving fantasies!

So Call me now.

Im available for calls 9p-4a pst and 11a-2p pst off on Saturday and Sunday nights. Also off on Sunday daytime.


Princess Anabelle

Give me a call on my Teen – Anything goes, sissy/fetish/taboo listing @ 1-800-863-5478
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***Also look for my Diaper Dares, and Diaper Tasks in my Goodie Bags in the near future***

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