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Break Time

Published October 30, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Time for this Naughty Taboo Princess to take a break.
So to all my Sugar Daddy’s and Sissy’s I shall be back in a few hours.

While I am gone feel free to go and check out my Amazon Wish List, or you can
send me a gift card via my email address. I also always welcome tributes on Niteflirt.

Princess Anabelle


Happy Friday –

Published October 30, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


Happy pre Halloween. Also Happy fetish phonesex friday.
Dont forget guys we have one more day to get ready for Halloween. Are you guys ready?
I know that I am so ready. It is going to be a very naughty night. Yikes, Cant wait til Monday to tell you guys what happens at my Party that I am having this Saturday Night.
But until then I will be taking calls all today and tomorrow. So as you can see we have plenty of time for your naughty confessions, dirty little secrets. Or perhaps you just want to hear you cute little Princess’s voice.


Come check me out on niteflirt. Do you have a hot naughty foot fetish? You know that you love phonesex. I cater hot taboo talk to sissys and sugardaddys, I am also looking for new paypiggys that love to give a princess Their money just because they want to spoil me, and know that I deserve it. For those interested in spoiling me you can send me a amazon gift card to my email or you can send me a nice Tribute on Niteflirt.

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Sissy Ron Coming out

Published October 27, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

This is Sissy Slut Faggot Ron who has paid some good money to be exposed to the world.
Lets give her some comments guys, don’t be shy. She was a normal man at one point as you will be able to see from the pics, and then you will see how she has transformed herself to be a Sissy. She was a bit shy at first, but really wanted to do that badly.

ron - before
Video call snapshot 8

As you can see from the end pics she is devoted to her Princess. If you ask her she will tell you how devoted she is to me, and how she loves to give me her money.

Video call snapshot 9Video call snapshot 11Video call snapshot 13

Video call snapshot 14
This is all about being exposed for the world to see. She loves all the attention, and the feedback she will get so dont be shy. Once a sissy always a sissy.

If you would like to do a call while I watch you on skype and take pics of you as well let me know I show be happy to posts pics of you as well for a fee.

This pic is for you Sissy for coming out and its your special day 🙂

All Feminization Sissy Call this Listing
ext: 9808763

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Sugar Daddy’s Wanted – For this Taboo Teen Princess

Published October 27, 2015 by Princess Anabelle
Princess Anabelle

Princess Anabelle

Stevie is my Hot Phone Sex Sugar Daddy. He is referred to as “Mr.” and “Sir” the office. My Sugar Daddy is a owner of a big company, so as you can see he is in charge there. He has been married to the same “boring” woman for 25 years but cannot leave her because of beliefs and obligations. So instead he loves to call phone sex, and spend his money on his sugar baby (which is me of course) I must add he is quite generous. He loves the idea that I am his little Princess. He loves to send me Tributes on Niteflirt and buy me presents on my Amazon Wish list cause he knows what a Princess needs. Stevie and I have so many fun Role Play Phone Sex games that we play together, but one of my most favorite involves Tease and Denial Phone Sex. Stevie is a very busy man, so when I know that he is in the middle of a meeting with his subordinates, I will send him a naughty photo of myself, cause I know it gets his cock hard. The thought of this dignified man’s cock growing hard while he is in public, gets me so wet. Just to think that someone might see that bulge (giggle). I may do this a couple of times during the morning so that by lunch time he is aching and begging me to get him off. Sometimes he is emailing me begging me to log in and take a call. Most days I may log in if Im not in class. But most of the time he has to wait til I log in at 9pm pst at night. Oh the torture he feels all day long not being allowed to cum until late that night. Sometimes, I show mercy and let him cum during his lunch hour. But the only way I allow him to do that is when he sends me a nice big Tribute
(haha) Stevie is always grateful to me for making his day more exciting, and he proves it to me daily.
Are you looking for some extra Sweetness in your life? Then call me (Your Princess
Anabelle) for Sugar Daddy Phone Sex.
ext: 9733584
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Sissy Krissy first bra and panty set

Published October 23, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


Sissy Training and Feminization has always given me such a thrill. Ok I will admit it, especially which it is forced on you by this Princess. (haha)
I actually trained my first sissy boy, when I was younger, and I have loved it ever since then.
Although I am more of sensual Princess then a strict Princess, I can do my share of humiliation,domination and punishment. Discipline techniques to include – spanking, Chasity, forced cock sucking. Those are just a few of my training methods, but I have many. It all depends on the sissy. Depends what kind of slut you really are. Of course I determine this by talking and getting to know the real you. Then I take it from there.

So here is about Sissy Slut Krissy – She is a very quick learner of the ways of being a sissy slut. I have been training her for many months now, and her feminization is coming along rather nicely, I must say. It has been a very exciting molding her into the whore I want her to be. Often she is my maid. I dress her up in full maid’s pink and black attire. Also she is always wearing panties and a butt plug as all sissies should wear at all times.

I recently gave her a assignment to do which she had to pay me to get the assignment of course. She had to go shopping at Victoria Secrets. She had to purchase a pair of lacy pink panties and a matching pink bra and wear it for our training. I was very happy with her for doing as instructed that I gave her present. I let her write me a princess poem.
Here is her poem she had to write for me. Which I might add gave her a great amount of pleasure.

Princess Anabelle’s Law for Sissy and a Bra
Girly & femmie is how I must feel
taking my manhood is part of the deal.
What I think is decided by a Princess
even if her desires are crazy & shady.
Owning my own lingerie is part of her game
she loves to humiliate me and fill me with shame
My new bra and panties is lacy pink & soft.
Princess Anabelle decides how she will milk me.
Sissy Krissy’s Poem

Sissy Krissy I expect you to work on your assignment this weekend. Work on your “Sissy Training Tasks” and search various mani/pedi ideas for your girlie nails are coming soon! Also for all your other sissys waiting to come out, give me a call.
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