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Teen Sex With My Sugar Daddy

Published September 29, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

I love to cuddle with my sugar daddy. Oh, my sugar daddy isn’t what you think, he’s more of a very older man who loves his “little girl” Yup, I’m a sugar baby, and spoiling my sugar daddy and him spoiling me is what I love. I love dressing up for him, wearing pretty little skirts, and tight little tops, and he loves when I have my hair in pig-tails. Lately, since it’s been cooling off a bit, I’ve been snuggling a lot with my sweet, sugar daddy. Crawling into his lap while he pulls the blanket over us, and snuggling close so I can get warm, and he sure does know how to make me warm.

Last night, it was so hot I crawled onto my daddy’s lap, and he just laughed at me and my goosebumps. He put his arms around me, and starting rubbing my arms. I snuggled my face close to his neck, and started kissing him and giggling cause he was tickling my shoulders. That’s when I reached my little hands down between his legs, and began rubbing on his big cock. I know my sugar daddy loves it when I do that! Then, he turns me around, tells me what a “good little girl” I am, and starts kissing me, hugging me, and tells me all the different ways he’s going to cool me down.

Princess of Niteflirt

Princess of Niteflirt


Yea, I guess I say I’m hot more often than I am anything but, like I said, I’m a very good sugar baby and I want nothing more than to make my sugar daddy happy!!

Want a dedicated Sugar baby?

You know where to find me! Yes that is correct on Niteflirt.
So don’t look any further for your cute little sugar baby

XOXO Anabelle XOXO

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Saturday Flirt of the Day

Published September 28, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Yay. Niteflirt made me Flirt of the day on Saturday. I am always so excited when this happens.

Anabelle 34
Cute #FlirtOfTheDay Anabelle ( ) knows how to get what she wants from older men! #phonesex

Pamper todays #FlirtOfTheDay Anabelle! ( ) This hot Princess deserves it! #phonesex

Halloween and Sissys

Published September 27, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

Halloween is upon us and that means all you closet sissy sluts can strut around in your favorite sexy, slutty outfits with confidence! The one time of year that it’s totally socially accepted and loved.  A true night to let all your inhibitions fade away and let the sissy cock slut in you shine like a diamond!  I know this makes you feel a bit anxious and nervous but remember it’s Halloween and no one judges you on Halloween. *wink*


Then of course there is a me a Princess that will accept at all times for the year. Do you need some advice on that special outfit you want to wear on Halloween?  OMG!! One of my favorites Holidays. So many partys, so much cock, and so much fun to be had. Me I am having a huge Halloween Party at my house this year.

Give me a call Sissy, and we will see what plans should be made for you.

XOXO Anabelle    –
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My Pink Panty wearing Slut

Published September 23, 2015 by Princess Anabelle


Wouldn’t it be exciting if we both put on a pair of pink panties together? I would love you to slip on a pair of silky pink panties and I think you would look super hot my hot pink ones as well. I love seeing the outline of your nice sissy cock in a pair of pretty little panties. It makes me even more hot when I demand that you were the panties to work, and you obey me! I cant help thinking about you during the day when I am not logged into Niteflirt. Your are at work. I think about who might catch you. Yikes maybe your boss.74

As soon as you get home I am going to rip your clothes off and push you onto your back! I can’t wait to sit right above your face,and have you suck on the pretty pink dildo you love so much. As I cram it down your throat deeper and deeper, it make my pussy so wet and hot. Can you feel my soaked little panties rubbing up against your pink covered clit? I love the way you feel underneath me. Thats right, what a good boy.You know what time it is? Yes its the moment you have been waiting for all day. You smile as I take the dildo out of your mouth. I leave your panties on, but pull them to the side. I lift your legs in the air. and Mmmmmm… I slide the dildo (10in by the way), deep into your hot pussy. I know want it so bad. So I slide it in deeper and deeper, fucking you so good. I can feel it building up closer and closer as I fuck my slut.Cause you know I can cum from just fucking my sissy. Cum with me, let me see that hot sticky white cum squirt out of your clit. What a good panty boy you are.

If you want to be a hot Sissy to, give me a call for naughty taboo feminization Phone Sex.

ext: 9808763


Princess Anabelle

Sissy Calle

Published September 18, 2015 by Princess Anabelle

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This post has been transfered from my other blog – Enjoy 🙂 So lets give her somemore attention.

Everyone this is Sissy Calle – She is putting on a sexy fashion show for you, so you had better enjoy her show. Also please post comments as I am sure she would love to read them. As she does check my blog quite often.

I will be posting more pics of more sissys as they get ready to come out to the world.

Dont forget you can call me on Niteflirt at – 

ext: 9808763

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