Sissy Christmas Wishlist

Published December 20, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

Merry Christmas to all My Sissy’s!

What do all my Sissy’s want Santa to bring you this year?

Here are some ideas for those that are lacking in the imagination department for now.


Are any of these on your lists? Well they should be. This can be you this Christmas.

Now your Princess has sent out a special email to everyone on my Niteflirt list. Dont forget to come and spoil me for Christmas. Tributes, and Tributes and Tributes.

Merry Christmas,

Princess Anabelle


Pay Day Piggy Friday

Published December 8, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

A little birdie told me, that you got paid today. Well duh every Friday is payday. So Pay Piggy guess what? Time to send me your check on Niteflirt, Tribute now! What I will allow you to do is keep just enough so you can eat for the week. As we already know that is all you need. Well Maybe you can keep 50.00 so you can also buy some more panties.

You know whaPvY7c0q (1)t else that little birdie told me? I was told that your sitting at home all alone right now. Your wife went out of town for the weekend. Your sitting there starting your weekend out early. Seriously, Your drinking and getting fucked up already. Its only 830am in the morning. What better time for me to take advantage of you on this special pay day friday.

Today this Princess does not feel sorry for you one bit. I am taking everyone’s money today by Tribute on Niteflirt. I am homewrecking them. Also for all my little Sissy Bitches out there. I am exposing the shit out of you today. Phone Sex On Niteflirt.


Now here is the latest Sissy that has paid her dues of $50.00 to be exposed today. Get a good laugh. Go ahead. Remember this can be you featured here on my blog. You might notice she has been featured before. But she wanted to be shown off and exposed once again. Sissy Bitch CockSucker!

Happy Friday Bitches! You can find me here taking calls on and off this weekend during mornings til evenings. I am off most Sundays.

Princess Anabelle

Feminization Line – 1-800-863-5478
ext: 9808763

Extra Kinky Line – 1-800-863-5478
ext: 9733584

Naughty Cum Dumpster

Published September 15, 2017 by Princess Anabelle


Now Mr. Jay just couldn’t help himself today and had to have both me and friend Krissy over last Friday Night. Poor Mr. Jay was forced to be undressed while Krissy and I sat on the couch giggling at how embarrassed he was that we were knew how naughty he was!

We always see him watching us through his window – we make sure we walk around naked and get fucked while he’s watching us! Today – we’re up close and personal forcing him to get hard in front of us…knowing all the while what he REALLY wants!

What do all the cuckold boys want hmm? Well not only does he want to CLEAN it for us – but this guy LOVES to lick it while we get fucked – shoving his tongue in our holes along side of our boyfriends cocks. Oh fuck yah he does…. Cock sucker time for him.

When he could taste that salty CUM starting to ooze out – you bet he couldn’t even hold it any longer and EXPLODED for us both sucking streams of cum straight out of our boyfriends cocks! No cream pies for you!

Mmmm LOVE when you’re so dirty for me Mr. Jay! See I now have Mr.Jay reading all about him. Haha Loser!

Ew – Ew – Ew!

Cum get some boys – plenty more where that came from hehe

Princess Anabelle – 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9808763

Sissy Transformation

Published August 11, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

Anabelle 13

For those of you out there that don’t know this Princess. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Princess Anabelle, and I am the Feminization Princess. I’m an expert at transforming boys into girls, and today is the day I will transform you into my very own Girlie creation. So, you have to be ready, willing, and able to except all of the changes that await you. Now then, if you’re ready, follow me into the world of your complete Sissy transformation.

First you will enter my transformation room. As soon as you are there, I begin by filling a syringe with powerful female hormones that will take affect immediately. Right after injecting you with the hormones, you can feel the changes begin to take place. You start growing boobs, your ass is getting rounder, and the pitch of your voice becomes much, much higher. As you feel your cock and balls start to shrink, you see it now starts to become a Girlie Clit. You also feel your hair, nails, and eyelashes become longer.

Next, I need you to remove your clothes and lay on the table. I will perform a full body waxing, which will completely remove any hair on your body, including your cock, balls, and under arms. After waxing, I have you stand up in front of me, so that I can make sure that all of the hair is gone from your beautiful, smooth skin.

Now, I need you to come over to the hairdresser chair so I can shape and sculpt your eyebrows into a beautiful arch. Then, I add some color and highlights to your hair, and while the color is setting in, I start to work on your manicure and pedicure. I take extra care on your hands and feet, sculpting and shaping each nail individually with delicate perfection. Each nail is painted with a beautiful glittery  hot pink polish. When finally finished, your nails are spectacular, and absolutely gorgeous. By the time the coloring is complete, I begin preparing my tools to style your hair. I use scissors, combs, brushes, and a curling iron, to make sure your hair looks it’s absolute best.

Now it’s time to get your makeup done. I reach into the makeup bag, and then begin carefully applying all the makeup you’ll need, like eyeliner, mascara, blush, etc. And now, for the finishing touch, I use lipstick on your lips that is the same beautiful feminine pink color that matches your nails. Cause remember everything must always match.

New fem border

With most of your transformation complete, it is now time to get you all dressed up. I first give you a lacy little set of matching bra and panties, pink of course. Then, to prevent any flopping out or bulging, your cock must be put into a Chasity inside your panties. I then help you slip into a sexy, backless pink satin mini dress. After your dress is on, I hand you a pair of glittery pink stilettos, along with a Hot Pink garter belt to match.

Your accessories are next. I give you a light pink pouch with the most phenomenal diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet. I then use my piercing gun to pierce each of your ears. After putting them on, the drop earrings dangle like miniature chandeliers, and the bracelet perfectly fits around your delicate wrist. Then finally, I place the necklace around your neck to hang between your new sexy boobs. After you’re completely dressed, I take you over to the full-length mirror, so you can finally see your new beautiful body that I have just made for you.

While you’re facing the mirror, admiring your new feminine body, you hear me tell you that everything that we’ve done so far today is very special, but there is just one more step left in the process. This next step is the most important in your transformation, because now that you look like a woman, it’s time to make you feel like a woman too. When you turn back around to look at me, your eyes are immediately drawn down to see the huge, hard strap on cock that I’m now wearing. You are my beautiful creation, my stunning work of art, and now it’s time to take your cherry, and fuck you as a woman for the very first time.

As I’m standing in front of you, you go down to your knees, wrapping your pink painted lips around the shaft, as I begin working my hard throbbing cock into your mouth, and down your throat. I love looking down at your pretty face, as your head bobs up and down while you suck it. It really turns me on when you look back up at me, and I can see in your eyes how much you like it too. After using your mouth to put a nice shiny polish on my cock, I take you over to the big red comfy couch. I get you doggy style up on the couch, as I get into position behind you. I want to fuck you wearing everything that I dressed you in, so I just lift up the back of your dress, and pull your little panties to the side.

Next, I’m spreading your ass open, exposing your pretty little pink puckered pussy to my huge cock, as I begin to push it in. You then feel the wetness on the tip of my cock touch your hole that has just been moistened by your mouth. You feel me slowly entering and going deeper, exploring your tight, tender, virgin hole. I can tell that the sensation of having your pussy filled is incredible for you, as I hear you moan and look over at the mirror on the other side of the room, to watch yourself being fucked by me.

The other end of the strapon is in my pussy, hitting just the right spot as you push your ass back into each thrust that I give you. While still fucking you, I lean forward for a moment, draping myself over your back and pulling your hair slightly behind your ear, whispering into your ear and making you tell me that I own your hot little hole. The more you say it, the harder I fuck you. I start smacking your ass and making you say it louder. I love hearing it As you begin panting faster and breathing harder, while I look down at my hard cock pumping in and out of your sweet boy pussy.

I then begin grinding up against you, pressing up and down in order to cause the end of the dildo inside my pussy to hit my G-spot, while the other end that’s in your ass is nudging and rubbing repeatedly against your prostate gland with a perfected technique that is guaranteed to make both of us cum like crazy.

As I start cumming on my end of the dildo, I feel your body begin shuddering. So I tighten my grip on your hips, drill the strap on deep and hold it there. You then squeeze your eyes shut, and let out a feminine squeal as I make you cream in your little panties. It feels good to have just fucked the pussy that I made, the pussy that I own, and now you are my perfect little Sissy sex doll.

I look forward to talking to all of you very soon. For those that did not get my email. or you are a new Girl to me. I will be on Vacation from Aug 13th to Aug 27th. While I am away you can buy My Goodies, and I will be putting up new Mp3’s in the next few days. This blog post here will also be made into a Audio for your on going pleasure to hear my lovely Princess voice.


Princess Anabelle


Panty Bois and Sissy Cocksucker

Published July 14, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

There are nights when all I want to do is tease and play with a sweet sissy until she’s crying and begging for just for just a bit more. Some nights, the urge to break a panty wearing sissy into teeny tiny bits just because I can is nearly overwhelming.

New fem border

I try, really I do. I try to remember that they are real people, too. That they have issues and needs, and that as a well adjusted member of society it just simply won’t ~do~ to act on my darker urges. As most of the submissive sissys that call me are dominate men in the work world. I try and I try to remind myself that pushing sweet sissies past their limits and boundaries isn’t socially acceptable… But times have now changed, we now live in a different world were so many things are now acceptable, including being a sissy, cocksucker.

No matter how much fun it may be, most of you dont dare go out in public. Well guess what girls (haha) this is where i come in. Its time to make some changes. I mean real changes in your life.

…it is fun, tho. Lots of fun.

Dressing my sweet little sissy in the prettiest dresses, nylons and heels; makeup and hair done, eyelashes out to there, soft perfume, nailpolish and lipgloss…

And then taking my perfect little sissy, and turning her into the biggest slut whore on the planet. Ruining that makeup, that pretty face. Mascara running down her cheeks, cum dripping off her chin, dress in shreds… Runs in her hose from kneeling on concrete sucking off hundreds of horny men…

I want to control her descent into the deepest darkest hells of slut-dom. I want to watch as she accepts her place (kneeling in front of endless cocks), as she accepts her role (cocksucking whore), as she becomes my total slave. I want to see her eyes change as she transforms from a fine upstanding member of society to a cum-guzzling whore who can’t get enough cock.

My sweet sissy now is the time where you take all of my sissy assignments without even blinking an eye. She’ll do what I command, sinking easily to her knees, accepting her place as my sissy cock sucking whore. And on that day, I’ll just have to replace her with a new sissy.  Once this Princess gets a hold of you. You will no longer be the same.

Of course now this is the place where you can confess all to me. Dont be shy make sure you give your priness a call. Especially this weekend. Its after all today is Fetish Friday.

Remember those that are wishing to talk to me, You can always find me taking calls late nights.


Princess Anabelle

Fetish Phone Sex

Published July 8, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

confession line main pic

Do you have a Naughty Fetish? I bet if you do, you love to confess your Fetish or Explore another Fetish you have been thinking about. Maybe you’re looking for some Feminization, Cock Worship, Sugar Baby, Body Worship, Princess feet worship, Home Wrecking, Sissy Training, or how about me forcing you to wear some panties and suck a cock for me? You can be my new bitch boy or boy toy, whatever it is you want then I can draw you in making you weaker and weaker and you’ll be begging me for more. Oh and I forgot to mention – you won’t be the same again! Ever!

Let this Spoiled Feminization Princess bring you to your knees and make you beg for more – because you will be begging. I’ll have you stroking until your cock aches and then stroking some more. You’ll be begging to cum and that’s just what I love to hear. Of course some of you will have to pay my Cum Tax Fee to cum. Haha

Feminization Princess Anabelle

ext: 9808763


Birthday Girl Phone Sex

Published July 1, 2017 by Princess Anabelle

As you know this Princess has not made a post in a while.  I just got back from a vacation last Sunday. Of camping and naughty hot sex and Nevada Mountains. Nothing like some like cool weather. Of course I came home last to Vegas of temps of 113. Blah. A little to hot for this princess. Here is a pic from Vacation.


As alot of my many favorite callers may know this Princess has a birthday coming this Monday, July 3rd. Yes I will be hitting the big 21. Wahooo. I am so excited. I will be legal for so many different things. You could only imagine, what kind of things I will be doing living here in Vegas lol. I posted a new Goodie bag recently called come and spoil me for my birthday.  For those of you that want to spoil me as well just click the picture below.

I wanted to Thank all the guys that have been buying it and giving me $$ for presents. But yesterday (Friday) was such a amazing phone sex day. So many guys where calling during the day to get there calls into me before my birthday. I shall be taking calls on and off this weekend during the daytime.


Princess Anabelle

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